Gabriel Braun’s The Sound Temple Album encourages listeners to use their entire bodies to interpret his latest album.  

Gabriel Braun, a musician and sound healer, has been honing his craft to create his first solo project, The Sound Temple Album. This rich restorative experience combines crystal bowls, flutes, harmonium, and voice. While the idea of music as therapy is becoming more common, sound healing is a direct therapeutic experience using vibrations as tools for rehabilitation on all levels.  This works because we are constantly channeling vibrations in the environment, using our senses to interpret various wavelengths.

The album invites listeners to use their entire bodies as interpretative vibrational vessels, and literally soak up the healing powers of sound. Gabriel usually conducts his sound baths as live events so the true vibrational powers of the instruments can be felt fully, yet this album allows listeners to tap into their own private healing journey with a recorded version. The result is magical. Just pressing play, and closing one’s eyes becomes a transformative experience.

Quartz crystal singing bowls chime and introduce the meditative journey, while the sound of the harmonium evokes something both melancholy and primal. The didgeridoo acts as the most aggressive sound on the album, a sort of spiritual jackhammer that breaks up energetic patterns and releases old tensions once held in the body. A digital synthesizer is used to create hypnotic vocal loops, which allows Gabriel’s angelic voice to erupt into a kaleidoscope of overlapping sounds like gentle waves breaking on sand.  For more information visit

by Kiara Justine Kinghorn a dance and yoga teacher who lives on the Westside:

Kiara Kinghorn is a cardio-dance enthusiast, writer and editor for LA Yoga Magazine, and manager at The BOD by Kym.