Lose yourself in the sacred chants provided by SRI Kirtan in their latest release, Time in Love is Never Wasted.

The powerhouse duo SRI Kirtan, vocalist and harmonium player Sruti Ram and vocalist and acoustic guitar player Ishwari, are leaders in the modern ecstatic chant movement. Previously topping the Billboard World Music Chart, they are back with their new recording Time In Love Is Never Wasted.

The title alone is one of my favorites thus far in the genre; it inspires an invitation to let oneself become lost in these sacred chants. SRI Kirtan reveals a strong influence by two modern giants of the form: Shyamdas and Swami Ma Chetan-Jyoti. This CD is a heartfelt tribute to them as they deliver a passionate and unapologetic love for chanting that is rare in the modern age.

Ishwari and Sruti Ram have been referred to as the “Grace Slick and Marty Balin of kirtan,” and Jefferson Airplane comparisons are warranted on this release. Highlights include a powerful version of the “Hanuman Chalisa,” a gold standard for the duo that brought down the house at Bhakti Fest. The back-to-back sequence of hypnotic and meditative versions of “Mahamantra” and “Hare Krishna Hare Ram” are also stand-out tracks.

The album is worth cherishing for the closing track “Maui Sita Ram.” (Perhaps a tribute to Ram Dass?) This tender lullaby masterpiece features Sruti Ram on lead vocals. I have it on repeat and always well up as I receive the love of this beautiful offering. I encourage you to take a musical journey into the pure devotional heart space that SRI Kirtan creates with their latest collaboration.

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by SRI Kirtan


Reviewed by Shiva Baum, the former head of A&R at Triloka Records, the label that produced numerous albums by Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and Bhagavan Das. Shiva is a producer, artist manager, podcast host, and head of music programming/main stage MC at Bhakti Fest, the “Coachella of Kirtan.”

Shiva Baum
Shiva Baum is a record producer and peak performance coach. With an expertise in sacred mantra chanting, he is the head of music programming for the world renown yoga music festivals Bhakti Fest and Shakti Fest. He lives in Topanga Canyon. Find him on Facebook.