Declutter your space

Take Back Control and Declutter! Declutter Your Mind, Body, Soul, and Space

If you feel like you’ve lost motivation and spend your days reactively coping with overwhelming thoughts, it’s time to take back control and declutter your mind, body, soul, and space. 

Raise your hand if you ever feel like you’re sinking under the waves of anxiety and chaos.

You’re not alone. We all feel like that when we allow control over our own lives to slip away with the expectations of everyday existence.

You always have the option to be in control of these things, and I know you have it in you to face this.

However, it does take some willingness to work on yourself. Change doesn’t spring out of anywhere or get handed to us on a sustainable bamboo platter. So, are you ready to create change? Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself?

Let’s do this!

Mind, Body, Soul, and Space

That’s my tag line as a life coach – “Coaching to Declutter Your Mind, Body, Soul, and Space.” Why? Because in my personal and professional journeys as a woman, human, partner, psychologist, coach, and yoga teacher (to name a few of my roles) I figured out caring for your whole being is the only way to truly take control of your life.
When we have too many energy drainers pulling at us from every direction, it’s time to declutter more than your closet.


A cluttered mind is one that isn’t taking orders from you anymore. Thoughts dive and swoop about with no real direction, making you dizzy.

Your thoughts do not have to be in control of you. You get to be the one in charge.

That takes awareness of what your thoughts are and where they come from. Then it takes a willingness to change them.


A cluttered body is one that has been ignored. The mind-body connection is real. When we ignore our physical health, it shows in all areas.

Nutrition, movement, sleep, hydration, taking prescribed medications or supplements regularly, and avoiding toxins like alcohol and drugs are the foundation of a healthy body.

Set yourself up for success. Create sustainable goals that are clear and concise. Don’t try to do what your neighbor is doing, do what works for your body.

You have the answers inside of you. But you have to quiet down the internal noise, listen, and trust.


A cluttered soul is one that isn’t being fed and is buried under layers of pain. Care for your inner being. Give yourself self-love, self-validation, and self-care. Use meditation, prayer, downtime, family time…whatever feeds your soul.

This is different for everyone. An introvert will need more quiet time with minimal sensory input. An extrovert will need time with other people. One person may love massages and another may hate being touched.
As I’ve already said, you have to listen to what you need.

Think about what comes to mind when you hear the phrase “feed your soul.” Not what you think you’re supposed to think, or what you imagine some yogi on a mountaintop would think.

What is it that your heart needs?


A cluttered home is a red flag to warn you that your life is not in balance. There is a deep connection between caring for the space you live in and caring for yourself.

I found this out first hand when I went into a fit of decluttering and organizing in my own home a few years ago. At the beginning of that experience, I truly hated my kitchen and most of my home.

Then three months and a lot of work later I stood in my kitchen after having done my new morning routine of emptying the dishwasher and wiping down my sink and counters and smiled. I felt relaxed, happy, and proud.

Your home reflects how you feel and how you feel is reflected in your home. This is where you live your life. This is where you spend time with loved ones. It’s where you sleep and eat. How can you possibly have whole-being health without a healthy home?

You are your home and your home is you.

Taking Back Control

This is your life. Own it.

Revisit those four areas of life: Mind, Body, Soul, and Space. How will you take charge of each of them instead of feeling helpless in the face of change?

Declutter Your Mind

Decide how you are going to view things. Choose whether you will have a positive outlook or a negative one. This is in your control. Be intentional with your thoughts.

Action-forward thinking is a good place to start. “I am finishing this” instead of “I’m going to try to finish this” gives your brain the message that you’re already succeeding.

Let go of language that includes the word “should”, which implies expectations that have no basis in reality.

Give yourself permission to not shit-talk yourself inside your own head. Pain and fear, caused by that sort of thinking, are short-term motivators and long-term invalidators. Pleasure, like how you feel when you validate yourself, have empathy for yourself, and encourage yourself, is the long-term motivator.

Work on awareness of what you think and say and allow yourself to become more intentional with your words.


Eat some veggies, drink some water, take some Ashwagandha, and get that booty moving!

What foods make you feel the best? Which ones leave you feeling bloated and gross? Eat more of the first category and less of the second category.

How much sleep do you need? Plan for that amount (not more or less) and create a routine around what time you will be going to bed at night and rising in the morning.

How much water are you drinking? I bet it isn’t enough. I find the majority of people are drinking about half of what they need.

The general rule is half of your body weight in ounces every day.

What kind of body movement do you like? Hot yoga? Yin yoga? Walking, running, swimming? Pilates, barre, or cardio kickboxing? Whatever your jam is, go get it.


Nourish your soul. You are the only one who knows what that means to you.

Take some time to sit with the question “What do I need?” Sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, place one hand on your heart (heart chakra for love and trust) and one on your forehead near the space between your brows (third eye chakra for intuition), and breathe.

Let the answers flow through you. Notice if you keep pushing them away because they aren’t what you want to hear or what you expected to hear. Notice when a thought feels like the tumbler in a safe lock falling into place.

Declutter your mind through a clean kitchen


Take a look around your home. How does it make you feel? Open and free? Stuck and depressed? Anxious and chaotic? Peaceful and sleepy?

How do you want to feel?

Take each room one by one and identify how you want to feel in that room. Identify what is stopping you from feeling that way right now. What is draining your energy in your home instead of supporting you? Begin to create a plan to move toward your goals for each space.

Now, take action.

Live Honestly

To create these changes, you will need to be honest with yourself. Do not lie about what you need because it is different from what someone else is doing, or it’s inconvenient, or it feels too indulgent.

Give yourself permission to open up and listen to your mind, body, soul, and space. When you do, you will hear the answers.

Live the life you deserve.

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