About Kate Evans

Kate Evans is the owner of Soulful Space, a virtual life coaching and decluttering company. Kate helps overwhelmed women declutter their lives and homes. She has worked in the field of psychology since 2004, is an RYT-200 certified yoga teacher, and a writer currently working on a book bringing self-help and decluttering together for lasting change. To learn more about Kate, the work she does, and to read her weekly blog for your mind, body, soul, and space, go to www.soulfulspacecoaching.com. Kate can also be found on Instagram and Facebook @soulfulspace.coaching.

Why You Need A Decluttering Coach

How A Decluttering Coach Helps You Make Essential Shifts in Your Space If all you needed to create the home you’ve always wanted were a handful of inspirational ideas and organizational tips, you could get those from blogs, books, articles, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. However, if you haven’t been able to begin your decluttering process, [...]

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The Yoga of Decluttering Your Home

How Decluttering Your Home Relates to Yoga Do you want to learn how yoga relates to decluttering? The yamas and niyamas of yoga philosophy can guide your decluttering journey. Yoga is a philosophy and a lifestyle that is a way of being in the world that creates harmony inside and out. Our homes need the harmony [...]

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Essential Oils for Integrative Living

The Importance of Essential Oils for Body, Mind, Soul, and Space Essential oils have powerful effects on our mind, body, soul, and space. Using essential oils can be an easy way to reduce the toxins in your home, and uplift the energy of all who reside there. As an integrative life coach, I base my view [...]

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Declutter Your Home to Declutter Your Life

A Cluttered Home Equals A Cluttered Life You make to-do lists that don’t get done. You try everything you can think of from time blocking to meditation, but your life still feels chaotic. You start new workout routines and commit to clean eating, yet after two weeks you find your self sliding back into old [...]

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Six Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Stress

How You Can Shift and Implement Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Stress Do you ever feel like your emotional reactions take control of you and you have no choice but to follow in their destructive path? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Most of us experience difficulty with control when we’re vulnerable due to hunger, sleep deprivation, [...]

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Declutter Your Mind, Body, Soul, and Space

Take Back Control and Declutter! Declutter Your Mind, Body, Soul, and Space If you feel like you’ve lost motivation and spend your days reactively coping with overwhelming thoughts, it’s time to take back control and declutter your mind, body, soul, and space.  Raise your hand if you ever feel like you’re sinking under the waves [...]

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