Letting Go Helps You Clear Your Energy

Letting go is gaining popularity and I LOVE to see it getting air time on reality TV shows lately. However, just because it’s on TV, doesn’t mean it’s being shown how to do correctly. Letting go has to be done in the right way, otherwise it does nothing or causes more harm than good.

Letting Go is a PROCESS

I wrote about letting go and how to clear your energy in my first book and the chapter is exactly 40 pages. It can be simple and it can be complicated. This all depends on you and if you’re really letting go or just going through the motions.

In a reality show my kids were just watching, the women on the show unwillingly and eventually told their past relationship trauma, took a breath, wrote down some intense words on a piece of paper with a marker, balled it up, put it into a fire and took another breath.

That was IT!

That isn’t going to get to the root of the energy, patterns, beliefs or fears. It probably didn’t even scratch the surface for any of the woman there. That’s not going to clear their energy. If anything, it brought it to the surface and now they don’t know what to do with it except keep thinking about it.

3 Steps to Let Go and Free Your Energy

1. Create a SAFE space.

You have to feel safe to actually let go and NOT bring in more negative energy. You can do this by bringing in White Light from top of your head, through your body, into your feet and into the Earth.

2. Let Go.

I mean “Let it Go” so you free your energy, clear your energy, and stop letting it have control over you. You do this by pulling the energy you are holding in specific areas of your body OUT of you like smoke or weeds and let it disappear into God, Universe, Source, the sky, whatever you want to call it.

You may see a block in your energy when you bring the White Light in or you may feel tension in your body in a specific area like your chest, stomach, back of your neck, hips, or shoulder blades. Let go of the stress or tension you’re feeling in your body, past hurts, anything that makes you angry or that triggers you or makes you upset.

  • Let the energy go and be free.
  • Don’t hold onto any of it or it’ll end up coming back.
  • Imagine it disappearing. You can imagine it breaking up into pieces and disappearing into the light in the sky.
  • Whatever works for you is fine as long as you are letting it go and you feel the energy physically or energetically leaving you.

3. Refill your energy with POSITIVE energy.

Otherwise, your energetic pattern is to keep finding and putting the same energy you just let go of into that space.

Do NOT skip this step in clearing your energy.

Imagine a soft pastel color filling the space and an “I AM” statement that supports you. For example, imagine a soft pink light coming from behind your chest filling every cell all the way forward. Repeat the some of the following affirmations and/or write your own: I am love. I am safe. I am supported.

Yes, I know you want to know what the pastel colors mean. You can know, but let your intuition guide you on what color is best for you right now, not what color your mind says you need to use.

Pastel color meanings to help you reprogram your energy.

  • Pink: Love, pamper, and support for that area.
  • Blue: Peace, calm, neutralizes your energy in that area.
  • Green: Nurturing, abundance.
  • Orange: Support after an intense emotional release.
  • Yellow: Rejuvenates you, raises your energy level when you are tired or low energy
  • Purple: Supports your energy at a spiritual level.

Keep your “I am” statements to 3 words.

I am ____.

Possible words to use that support you: free, supported, whole, worthy, enough, love, light, peace, calm, free. (Notice I intentionally put “free” in here twice. This is a good one to use!)

Places to Let Go

  • Anywhere you feel safe and supported.
  • You can go outside. (This is best during the day so you are in the light. In the light we see more light and in the darkness we see more darkness and often pick up more darkness energetically.)
  • You can go for a walk or exercise.
  • Visit water (lakes, streams, rivers, reservoirs, or the ocean).
  • Nature is very helpful in letting go.
  • You often want to be alone so you’re not picking up on anyone and their energy.

Notice I didn’t mention journaling or art. If you create something, you have to destroy it as part of the final letting go otherwise it will hold the energy wherever you put it. You’ll also have to do more letting go until you dispose of it to the final place you can take it – like your outside trash can at the street.

Letting Go is a Process

Like I said, letting go and clearing your energy are ongoing processes. I spend a lot of my time and energy in session with my clients helping them clear their energy.

You are here to heal and become whole, so don’t be surprised when you think you’ve let it all go and something else appears. If you’re here, you’re healing. Often the hardest part is knowing what it is time for you to let go of and to release.

Start with the things that are the easiest for you to clear.

Things that you know you’re still holding onto or that are still bothering you. As you become more skilled, you may start to heal things from past life experiences. As my husband says, letting go is like an onion and some layers make you cry more than others. Crying is good too if it helps you let go.

Happy clearing and be free!

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Stay Informed & Inspired

Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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