About Lisa Gornall

Lisa Gornall is a Spiritual Medium, Author, Healer and Coach. She was born with her abilities to become one with your energy which allows her to intuitively clear and balance your energy. Lisa gets to the ROOT of your patterns, beliefs and fears that are no longer working. Since 2002, she has combined her intuitive abilities with healing and coaching. Lisa has coached thousands of individuals to heal their relationships, love their life again and get back to the lifestyle they originally envisioned for themselves - a freedom lifestyle. You can find Lisa at www.lisagornall.com

Stay Present During the Holidays

It IS Possible to Stay Present During the Holidays and Beyond The holidays start in November and go full force until New Year’s Day. They are almost always a whirlwind, crazy time. You often find yourself exhausted and even sick wondering how it all flew by so quickly. Seriously, how does it go by so [...]

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From Stressed to Blissed with Your Partner

How Can You Transition from Stressed to Blissed You’ve been together more than ever before in your relationship. The access to all your usual activities has been altered which means you’ve been stuck at home together and you’re noticing all the problems. Has the house gotten smaller? Have they always gotten on your nerves and [...]

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