Kombucha on tap

Kombucha on Tap (GT’s) photographed by Jeff Skeirik (Rawtographer) at Set and Flow Yoga in Hollywood, CA.

Refrigerator cases in retail locations from Whole Foods to convenience stores are becoming increasingly filled with glass bottles of this probiotic brew. One of the first brands to make a splash on the scene was Los Angeles-based GT’s; now a number of other brewers are crafting recipes that blend different flavors with the fermented SCOBY tea base. From fruits to greens and everything in between, kombucha has become a drink category all its own with variety, innovation, craft, and artisanal fusions, with new fizzy flavors and blends being added regularly.

Check the alcohol content — the legal limit is 0.5% maximum, but some varieties have more of a kick and a 21+ drinking age. Taste test to find your faves; some current taste trends include the use of beets, cinnamon, lavender, or turmeric. The shape as well as the color of glass used for the bottles vary (many companies favor amber hues to ideally increase the live drinks shelf power). We’ve noticed that the people and companies who love kombucha enough to brew it to share consistently care about the probiotic content, sugar levels, environmental impacts, flavor palates, and quality of their kombucha product. This gives us a plethora of options to enjoy! While we can’t keep up with all the kombucha purveyors across the country, the following is a selection.

After compiling and writing a feature article on the many benefits of drinking kombucha we’re inviting you–our reader– to vote on your favorite brands and flavors of kombucha. You can read All About Kombucha Here and enjoy other related articles in the section following this post.

Check out our list below and please add any kombucha brands we missed to help everyone stay informed.

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Most Popular Kombucha Brands

This list of the most popular Kombucha brands has been compiled by the LA YOGA Magazine editorial team and updated by our readers. Feel free to vote, sort alphabetically and then resort by readers votes, etc. Have fun and by all means drink some Kombucha today!


Better Booch

Mar 27, 2017

Musicians Trey and Ashleigh Lockerbie decided to shift careers from touring and songwriting to brewing Booch with their first flavor, Morning Glory (made with peach tea). Their four other flavors are Rose Bliss, Ginger Boost, Golden Pear, and Daily Revival (the classic black tea brew). Los Angeles, CA


Brew Dr. Kombucha

Jan 18, 2017

Started by Townshend’s Tea Company in 2008, these kombucha flavors have their starting point with flavor profiles based on the organic tea (including white tea) and botanical blends used in Townshend’s Teas, such as Citrus Hops, Ginger Turmeric, and white rose-based Happiness. Portland, Oregon



Jan 18, 2017

Carpe Diem

Jan 18, 2017

Celestial Seasonings

Jan 18, 2017

Fitting for a tea company, the brews are tea-based with added zip such as the Tropical Super Green featuring kale and spirulina plus tangy orange juice and sweet mango flavor. The Strawberry Basil is exclusive to Sprouts Farmers Markets. Boulder, Colorado


Clearly Kombucha

Mar 27, 2017

Their highly selective filtration system removes the alcohol-producing yeast and leaves in the healthy gut bacteria. Signature flavors: Black Currant, Asian Pear, Raspberry Lemonade, Raspberry Ginger, Strawberry Hibiscus, and Ginger Mint Lemonade. San Francisco Bay Area


GT’s Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha – Original

Jan 18, 2017

Founder GT Dave started bottling kombucha at the age of 15 after crediting the drink with helping prevent the spread of his mother’s cancer. The company carries a variety of brands within brands, including raw and certified organic lines (such as Synergy and Enlightened Organic Raw). Some of our favorite new flavors are the Tantric Turmeric and the Heart Beet. Los Angeles, California


Health-Ade Kombucha

Jan 18, 2017

Hand-crafted in small batches, Health-Ade flavors their raw organic kombucha blends with cold-pressed juice. The botanical superfood-rich Heath-Ade Super Teas include Maca Berry and Power Greens. Los Angeles, CA.


High Country Kombucha

Jan 18, 2017

Co-founder Ed Rothbauer was an early SCOBY adopter who began making kombucha to support his own health. Brewed with Rocky Mountain spring water, High Country Kombucha’s newest flavors are Turmeric Beet, Blueberry Ginger, and Cinnamon. Colorado Rocky Mountains



Jan 18, 2017

More than a drink, the name evokes the vibration of the universe with flavors in amber bottles including Blueberry Mint, Coconut Lime, Chai, and Apple Sass. Their goal: brew in bulk to reduce environmental impact. Bend, Oregon


Kevita Master Brew Kombucha – Ginger

Jan 18, 2017

Kevita began by creating a line of coconut-based probiotic drinks, and they have branched out with a line of Master Brew Kombucha flavors. (You can tell them apart from Kevita’s coconut blends since the kombucha is in darker-colored bottles.) New combos include Dragonfruit Lemongrass and Mango Habenero. Ventura, California


Kombucha Dog

Mar 27, 2017

Commercial photographer Michael Faye created kombucha with an agenda—to use their shelf space to help homeless dogs find families by photographing them for labels. Flavors include Hint of Mint, Ginger, Wild Blueberry, Raspberry, Wild Blue Ginger, and Just Kombucha. Los Angeles, CA


Kombucha Wonder Drink

Jan 18, 2017

Stash Tea and Tazo Tea co-founder Steve Lee began brewing kombucha in Russia in the 1990s. When he returned to the US, he wanted to share both pasteurized and raw options with flavors inspired by the Far East. They are brewed with Darjeeling and Assam black teas blended with juniper berry, cherry cassis, Asian pear, ginger, mango, and more. Portland, Oregon


Latta Original Kombucha

Jan 18, 2017

Lion Heart Kombucha – Ginger Fixx

Jan 18, 2017

Known for their Ginger Fixx, these low sugar blends are made with Pacific Northwest-sourced ingredients. The Hero’s Blend is filled with body- and brain-boosting herbs while the Lavender Bliss has well, some lavender in it. Portland, Oregon


Live Kombucha Soda

Jan 18, 2017

Founder Trevor Ross wanted to craft a kombucha that tastes like soda. Flavors include: Pure Doctor, Living Limon, Pomtastic Blueberry, Culture Cola, Revive Rootbeer, Refreshing Rhuberry, and Dreamy Orange. Austin, Texas


Live Kombucha Soda

Mar 27, 2017

Founder Trevor Ross wanted to craft a kombucha that tastes like soda. Flavors include: Pure Doctor, Living Limon, Pomtastic Blueberry, Culture Cola, Revive Rootbeer, Refreshing Rhuberry, and Dreamy Orange. Austin, Texas


Reed’s Culture Club Kombucha

Jan 18, 2017

Known for their popular Reed’s Ginger Beer, the aged blends use Oolong and Yerba Mate teas brewed in spring water. Offering eight flavors: Goji Ginger, Hibiscus Ginger Grapefruit, Lemon Ginger Raspberry, Cranberry Ginger, Pomegranate Ginger, Coconut Water Lime, Passion Mango Ginger, and Cabernet Grape. Los Angeles, CA



Jan 18, 2017

The Bu

Jan 18, 2017

Surfer and biochemist Gary Hawes developed an innovative approach to brewing kombucha for his brand with bright flavors such as Lavender, Chai Spice, Tangerine, and Honeydew. Hawaii


Unity Vibration

Jan 18, 2017

Unity has released a line of kombucha-based Kombucha Beer (around 7% alcohol by volume). It is gluten-free and contains three types of hops. Flavors include raspberry, ginger, bourbon peach, and KPA. In addition to the Beer, Unity makes kombucha teas; Pineapple Ginger is their most popular tea flavor with alcohol content over the legal limit of 0.5% alcohol, you must be over 21 to imbibe. Ypsilanti, Michigan


Yogi Tea

Jan 18, 2017

Offering Kombucha in a tea bag, Yogi Tea features a line of flavors that contain kombucha to add some zip and zing to a cup of hot tea.