RightRice Mediteranean Bowl

When Rice is More Than Rice

The Tabouli Bowl at The Butcher’s Daughter is the veggie-based Right Rice

“It was a thrill and a treat to create something good enough that one of your favorite restaurants will want to feature it.” RightRice® Founder and CEO Keith Belling had this to say about the RightRice collaboration with the hip and forward-thinking plant-based restaurant The Butcher’s Daughter.

RightRice Tabouli Bowl The Butchers Daughter

The Menu collab: A RightRice® Tabouli Bowl created by The Butcher’s Daughter Executive Chef Richard Rea. The complex array of flavors includes mint and cilantro, micro greens, radishes, asparagus, and avocado. Dairy or vegan feta is the salty and savory garnish on top. The debut bowl is a popular choice, and one that features a pay-it-forward component. A percentage of sales support No Kid Hungry, a campaign run by the nonprofit organization Share Our Strength, which is focused on ending childhood hunger and increasing access to nutritious food. So we already love the Tabouli Bowl, even before tasting it. Then upon tasting, the love affair is complete.

Tabouli Platter RightRice The Butcher's Daughter

What Makes RightRice Unique

But let’s talk about the base of the bowl. What makes RightRice different from the rice we already know and love? Belling, the founder and former CEO of Popchips, turned his attention from snacks to rice because, well, he loves rice as much as he enjoys chips. Finding himself eating less rice and longing for a more nutrient-dense version of this staple food, he spearheaded an effort to create a plant-based ready-to-eat food that could fill the role of rice in recipes. The blend of rice, along with lentils, chickpeas, and peas means that RightRice can proclaim that it is made of vegetables while containing fewer net carbs, more protein, and even more fiber than white rice. And the protein is a complete protein due to the blend of legumes and grains in the mix.

If you’re not planning an excursion to Abbot Kinney in LA to order from the menu at The Butcher’s Daughter, you can DIY your own bowls. Pick up Original, or thoughtfully seasoned Lemon Pepper, Spanish, or Garlic Herb and start experimenting.

For more information about RightRice®, visit: RightRice.com

For more information about The Butcher’s Daughter, visit: thebutchersdaughter.com.