Simples Herbal Infusion

The Game Changer (Nettle). The Chill Pill (Oatstraw). The Hug (Linden). The Superhero (Schisandra). The Fortifier (Dandelion Root). The Star (Chickweed). The Purifier (Burdock Root). The Elevator (Rose). These are the delicious herbal infusions available at the Simples Tonics shop on Main Street in Santa Monica.

Simples Tonics Herbal Infusions

Simples Founder Traci Donat says, “These are in the category of herbs that are nourishing and safe. They have tonic effects on the body; they’re food as medicine.” Many of them—such as dandelion and nettles—are even considered weeds. Yet to call them weeds doesn’t do them justice.

“I opened the shop because these plants are amazing. They’re so readily available and so nourishing but people don’t know enough about them,” Traci says. Tonic herbs have been part of her life for years. “I feel that everything in my life has led to this point.” Traci brings to Simples her study and love of herbalism, her experience growing and harvesting herbs, nurturing her family and friends through tonics, and her background in marketing.

Traci’s passion for the practice is evident from the moment you walk into the welcoming shop. The highly trained staff are experts when it comes to explaining the array of tonics as well as the other nourishing items on offer. Their array of items includes their own Simple Cider recipe for boosting immunity.

Simples tonics herbal infusions

Simples Tonics herbal infusions are served cold and are available in two sizes in beautifully designed glass bottles. Savor the flavors and enjoy them as is. You can also warm them up for instant nutritious tea, use them as a broth base for recipes, or mix them for potent and nourishing mocktails.

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