Calming Herbs for Sleep

Sip Tea with Calming Herbs for Sleep and Stress Reduction

With all that’s going on these days, it’s not so hard to slip into a situation that leaves you feeling stressed out, anxious and lacking in sleep. These unwanted feelings might plague you thanks to money worries, health issues, an unappreciative boss, family troubles, or strife with your love life. These are just a handful of the most common examples, but don’t think that’s the end of the story though; you can implement a kind of lifestyle detox with the help of some calming herbs for sleep and stress reduction.

These five herbs are commonly used and effective for supporting our ability to reduce stress and help with the issues you are dealing with in modern life. Try them individually and see which you enjoy sipping as a calming tea.

1. Camomile

Camomile is well-known for its ability to soothe your mind and your body. The flowers provide the source of calming elements when you drink it as a herbal tea. It helps to relax the nervous system, which is exactly what you want to do.

Camomile acts to aid in the reduction of the tensions that build up in your day, which makes it that much easier to sleep, relax/unwind, and remained focus. Such is the soothing property of camomile some people find it’s best to drink at night before bed.

The mild taste and gentle aroma bring a certain pleasantness that can help with chilling you out.  Camomile can also help with children, reducing restlessness and colic.

2. Hibiscus

The delicious, aromatic hibiscus flower tea is produced using the calyces of the tropical hibiscus plant. Hibiscus is brimming with a host of health benefits that not just help anxiety, but your overall health. It is full of antioxidants and Vitamin C, and it is traditionally used as a trusted go-to for people looking to lower their blood pressure.

Sip the sweet-flavoured hibiscus tea either hot or chilled to reap its calming benefits. Hibiscus also can reduce insomnia, assist with weight management, and also rid your body of free radicals, which is something that you can find The Sleep Advisor mentioning on their official website.

3. Red Clover

Red Clover is a bit of a lesser-known option for relieving signs of anxiety, sleep and stress is red clover. It’s produced via the dried blossoms from the red clover plant. The flower is recognized as being a natural tool when facing the symptoms of menopause. A warming cup of red clover tea can reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flashes, which is a great ally when sleeping.

People who drink red clover are also known to enjoy improved levels of sleep, reduced anxiety, and stronger bones.

4. Passion Flower

Passion flower is particularly efficient at helping you out when you’re unable to wind down your active mind. The boosting properties that passion flower offers the brain’s GABA creation is vital to relieving stress and anxiety.  GABA is the body’s focal calming neurotransmitter. Increased GABA can calm pain and muscle tension and reduce suffering from overthinking or anxiety.

Passion flower is also easy to grow. You could even plant the vine in a pot at home and brew the tea from the gorgeous flower when the time is right.

5. Valerian root

Valerian root is a  long-standing favorite for people enduring anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and challenges remaining calm. If you’re after a solid night’s sleep, reaching for some valerian root could be the answer. You can drink it as a tea, so fire up the kettle on an hour or so before bedtime.

For some people, valerian can slightly increase morning grogginess. But the full and effective deep sleep you receive thanks to valerian root is delightfully restorative.

Valerian root works through a different GABA receptor than that of the passion flower, so you can try them both and see which works better for you.

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