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Abundance Is You: The New Moon in Taurus

A vision is stirred in the mind’s eye as the New Moon in Taurus approaches: There you are, you’re being fed grapes by your lover in a garden oasis. Your favorite song plays on repeat, seemingly reverberating from the clouds.  There are money trees shading the perfect seventy-five degree weather from the Sun shining above. You don’t need to be anywhere but right there. Far away places are of no interest, neither does the next moment.  Because you have everything you need right where you are, you are abundant.

The Taurean Archetype & Valuing the Material World

Taurus rules the material realm of our lives.  It rules our bodies, life’s simple pleasures, luxuries and creature comforts of the five senses.  One would say Taurus is a bit of a hedonist with its desires to indulge in the sensual experiences of life, but Taurus is onto something.  He knows that there is intrinsic value in the physical and being of the flesh suit, therefore he places priority and invests time into the here and now.

Ironically, as humans we have a tendency to devalue the needs of the body and the physicality of life.  Often, we push our bodies past their limits, bulldoze or even wish to transcend them altogether.  When we refuse to see the inherent value of the physical and the abundance that is always present for us, when we don’t take the time to invest into the physical, we cut off our material abundance.

5 No BS Rules to Creating Material Abundance for the New Moon in Taurus

As the New Moon in Taurus approaches this upcoming Tuesday, May 11, it’s only natural we take the no BS approach.  Synchronistically or not, Taurus also rules the animal the bull.  The most simple and straight forward of the signs; what you see is truly what you get.

So, how do we create material abundance?  Follow the rules below:

Rule #1 Know your worth!

You have inherent worthiness—no matter what.  Taurus knows this as fact, and because of this he is ruler of self-worth, being the sign that rules money.

Rule #2 Creating more material abundance is also inside job.

We often feel more worthy as humans if we have the external reality to reflect to us, I have money equals I have worth.  Sure it makes sense, it can help, but the more we feel abundant on the inside, the more we gain externally.

Rule #3  It’s OK to need and want more.

There is a running story of shame that sometimes comes with recognition of needs or wants of more material abundance.  This can include money, material things, or even being fed grapes by your lover!  Allowing this story to run in the background of our lives creates blocks.  Ask for what you need and want, and OWN IT!

Rule #4 More abundance means not settling for less.

Basically, we need to leave the table if we aren’t being fed!  More abundance means being honest to ourselves about where we aren’t being met halfway, and where we are giving out value and not receiving in return.

Rule #5 To gain more material abundance, you need invest in the material world.

Place the physical experience as a priority.  Treat your body like the temple it is.  Take a look at what your immediate environment is presenting you, and practically rearrange as needed.  Make investments.  Desire money, desire luxury, and admit it out loud!

Follow these rules as we approach the New Moon in Taurus.

Invest and find value in your physical reality and you’ll surely reap what you sow.  Happy New Moon, may it bless your way to material abundance, opulence and an inner knowing of your inherent worthiness in this physical manifestation!

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