About Britney Overcamp

Britney is an astrologer and writer for ASTRO.GONG.YOGA, a sound healing and yoga studio with an astrology-informed approach located on La Brea.  She was chosen by the stars a century ago to serve as a mediary for the collective and is an ongoing student of astrology and occult knowledge which she’s been studying her entire life. She believes the ancient language of astrology is a bridge between Source and self and she uses it as a tool, as well as her intuition, as a way to guide others to their truth.

Full Moon in Scorpio: Transforming Fear Into Power

We are Deserving of Transformation Welcome to Taurus Season! Taurus is bringing us major sacred feminine Empress vibes. You can identify these moods in your life as simple creature comforts that provide pleasure for the five senses. These include: anything that brings harmony, rest for the physical body, comfort foods, time with Mother Nature, the inpso [...]

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New Moon in Aries: Connecting to Spirit

New Moon in Aries: The Astrological New Year Happy Astrological New Year, yogis! The Astrology community marks the start of the year in tandem with the seasons. And now Spring has sprung, so this is the beginning of all beginnings. We’re wrapping up the past year that was spent in the process of transforming the parts [...]

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March’s Full Moon in Libra: The Art of Relating

Full Moon in Libra: Self-Actualizing in Relationships The Full Moon in Libra takes place March 28. It is beginning to whisper sweet nothings into our ears of all the things we long for that the sign Libra brings into our lives. These things include: partnerships, relational love, balance, harmony, and beauty. This Moon is very other focused. [...]

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Mirror Rituals for the Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo: Illuminating Purification We’re going to tap into the energies of this Full Moon in Virgo by exploring two common Virgo archetypal habits: self-criticism and ritual work. Self-criticism is a defeating cycle the energy of Virgo can create within us while ritual work is a powerful and positive tool that is [...]

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Full Moon in Leo: Lessons from Our Inner Child

How to Explore the Illumination of January’s Full Moon in Leo Full Moons are time periods that are characterized by an increased emotional intensity. These are also times of endings and culminations of cycles. And they are illuminations as the Sun shines brightly onto the subconscious of the Moon.  January’s Full Moon in Leo will [...]

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