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How to Explore the Illumination of January’s Full Moon in Leo

Full Moons are time periods that are characterized by an increased emotional intensity. These are also times of endings and culminations of cycles. And they are illuminations as the Sun shines brightly onto the subconscious of the Moon.  January’s Full Moon in Leo will highlight some integral feels we must allow ourselves to feel. Our inner child has a personal message for us and it’s our job to listen.

As I look at the transits of the Full Moon in Leo (January 28, 2021), I can envision two small children playing against the backdrop of a war-torn country. Rubble and rocks from buildings that are knocked off their foundations become race cars in their minds as they zoom around an imaginary racetrack. Although this image could be saddening, from a different perspective, it’s an ode to the courage that comes with honoring our personal joys as a child would, or as a Leo would do.

The Courage to Choose Joy

It is a courageous sentiment to choose joy and to cultivate it for ourselves despite the outside circumstances that can act in direct opposition to that joy. For a child who is not jaded, the instinct to choose joy is natural. It is a human right. Once upon a time, you had this same sacred flame within you, before the harsh realities of the world kidnapped you.

Recognizing joy and tuning into the lessons of our inner child may seem to be challenging pursuits to follow in our current climate. But this is a time for us to connect to the image of the children I saw of finding joy amongst hardships.  Those children are you, they’re me, they’re us, and they are pleading, “But what about love, what about joy, what about play and what about fun!?

There is something to be said about the magic in these Leo themes, the childlike essence that honors the absolute need of heartfelt anything.

The strangest gift is being offered to us during these revolutionary times. The Moon is illuminating the needs of our inner children. It is our duty to be the crusader of these needs.

We may ask if we still must do this, “Under the conditions of the world!?

YES! Is the answer.

Under any condition.

Although, during this Leo Full Moon, we may come to learn the lessons of yearning, old wounding patterns, and endings, we can also allow our internal flame to be lit. We can receive the magic found when we open our eyes to the incredible importance of fueling this flame and flighting for its life.

A Journal Prompt/Visualization for the Full Moon in Leo

Find a quiet space, break out your journal, and take a moment to visualize and interact with your inner child.

Connect to a memory of your inner child during which they’re NOT living in their child-like essence. (This might be never for some of us, and it’s important to acknowledge that.)  If there isn’t a moment you can remember then it’s time to start this process and tap into your imagination.

Allow yourself to become aware that you in the present moment is a separate entity of this child. Become the observer. Tune into what are they doing and even what are they wearing. Feel into some of the following questions. Are they happy? Are they sad? What are they feeling? Is there anyone around them?

Take this moment to be present with this child, offer them understanding and compassion.

Journal around the answers to the following questions.

  1. How are they feeling? (Do they feel sad, lonely, angry?)
  2. What does it seem like they need based on this feeling? (Connection, attention, the ability to feel joy and be a child, the ability express themselves?)
  3. What do you think is preventing them from receiving what they need? (Generational patterning, lack of security, lack of connection, feelings of being misunderstood?)
  4. Do these same feelings mirror what I experience currently while looking to meet the need of joy in my life?  If so, how?
  5. Interaction point: If this child were sitting in front of you right now, how could you help meet their needs of personal joy and child-like essence? (Do they need to be held, do they need attention, do they need a friend, a mother or father?)

This Full Moon offers us an opportunity for transformation by bringing our attention to this child. Ask them what they need. Honor the innate Leo regality of the heart and the child. Reflect and then carry the lessons learned forward as we find joy, no matter the circumstances, and then hopscotch into the rest of 2021.

Workshop Full Moon in Leo

Participate in a Full Moon Workshop

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