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The Full Moon in Virgo: Illuminating Purification

We’re going to tap into the energies of this Full Moon in Virgo by exploring two common Virgo archetypal habits: self-criticism and ritual work. Self-criticism is a defeating cycle the energy of Virgo can create within us while ritual work is a powerful and positive tool that is an instinctive part of the Virgo nature that we can use for purification. The energy of Virgo is not exclusive to those of us born during that season. Everyone has these energetic strands in their astro-DNA and the Full Moon is illuminating these parts of our lives.

We can learn a thing or two from Virgos during this Moon cycle. They’re good with details and recognizing imperfections so this makes Virgos masters at organizing, as well as naturals in the area of self-improvement. When it comes to self-improvement, this is true in regards to physical body health since Virgo is an Earth sign. An interesting fact about Virgo is it rules our digestive system, which includes how the body filters what is nourishment and what is waste—what the body needs and what doesn’t belong.

Virgo’s planetary ruler is Mercury. Mercury is the planet that governs how the mind processes information, so this energy shapes the Virgoan filtration system. This is both a blessing and a curse: When the apt critical eye used for a clear and purifying gaze at the world is turned in as a sharp sword against the self. The energy can be intensely scrutinizing, and this habit of self-criticism can be destructive.

Directing the Energy of Virgo through Ritual

How everyone appreciates Virgo:  “Virgo, you’re so smart, helpful and good-looking,”

When Virgo looks in the mirror: *inserts deflective self-depreciating comment*

The habit of being overly self-critical, which is he lower octave of the Virgoan archetype, is engrained in all of our lives to some extent. But that doesn’t make it good for us! This Virgo Full Moon is calling for us to eliminate this toxic tendency. The process of separating the wheat from the chaff is important; it brings a purity to our mundane reality (Virgo Full Moon) that creates room for magic. We must do this by embracing the higher octave of Virgo and this is where habit of ritual work comes in.

So, let’s get to it friends!! It’s time for a little ritual magic. We’re going to begin a month-long ritual in our daily routines by engaging in mirror work. If you have never done this before or need a refresher, we’ve listed some exercises below.

ASTRO.GONG.YOGA Full Moon in Virgo Workshop

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Full Moon in Virgo Ritual Mirror Work

Building a ritual of mirror work with phrases and affirmations might seem insignificant at first, but it is through these words that you build compassion, acceptance and embodiment for yourself. Take five minutes of your time to do step three every day.

Exercise 1: Mirror Work – Acknowledgment/ Honesty of Negative Self-Talk

Choosing to face ourselves honestly by doing mirror work can bring up feelings, thoughts, and emotions that may be uncomfortable. But it’s important that we become fully aware of the scope of negative self-talk or critical thoughts that are present within us. Be brave yogis! You only need to do this once.

  • If needed, play a song to support the emotional body.
  • Stare at a mirror for three to five minutes with the intention of holding space for your interpersonal relationship with your self. Look yourself in the eyes, scan your facial features, your facial expression, and your posture. Become aware of the inner dialogue running in your mind as you are witnessing self.
  • Begin to speak aloud what is coming to your mind, as if you were telling someone what you are sensing, seeing, and feeling.
  • Speak as honestly to yourself as possible. The harshness that could come up could surprise you. It could sound something like the following dialogue. “I don’t like what I’m looking at. I don’t feel confident. This is uncomfortable. I hate my hair. The eyes under my eyes bug me.”

Exercise 2: Journaling – Cultivating Compassion

  • Take some time to journal a list of four compassionate, kind, and loving phrases or affirmations.
  • To make this easier, you can imagine what you would tell a friend to uplift them after hearing their self-criticism, or what you would like to hear when you’re down and need encouragement in light of the awareness created in exercise 1.
  • Examples: “I love you no matter how you are feeling, no matter what mood you’re in. You deserve to create happiness in your life. I am worthy, even when I don’t feel beautiful.”

Step 3: Ritual Mirror Work – Affirmations/ Phrases, Compassionate Self-Talk

  • Before beginning your compassionate self-talk, be present to any feelings that come up and try to cultivate a compassionate space for them, like you would a loved one.
  • Have the affirmations and phrases handy, and with intention, begin repeating each of them three times in a row while holding your gaze in the mirror.




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