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Making a Playlist to Connect with Feeling Magic

The Pisces season is ruled by the water element. In astrology, the water element represents feelings, moods, intuition, and emotions. These ebbs and flows are well known to stir the emotional body so this season can be uncomfortable for the many of us who are resistant to diving into the waters. But this can also be a time of magic and manifestation.  Pisces is one of the most powerful manifestors of the Zodiac. And that is because of these things we like to call feelings.

I want you to imagine a magical ocean in your mind. These oceanic waters are representative of the best feelings a human can access, such as joy, bliss and elation; it’s pure Source energy.  Now, I want you to imagine that as individuals we are each a part of this ocean. We are the separate rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes.  Our branches of water stem off of Source and because of this the abundant flow is inalienable to us, because it is us.

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While this inseparable and never-ending current between Source and us continues to run, it’s our job to maintain the waters as to not become muddied and clogged. In the flow we are able to facilitate our wildest and most magical dreams. At times we may feel out of control and at whim to the deep, mysterious undertows. This can cause us to resist the very flow of our bountiful expansion.

You see, while the waters can get rough in certain areas, we must know that if we dam any part of the flow, we impede on our Source, the current that manifests the moments, experiences, and people and things we desire.  Utilizing our feelings and emotions with a conscious mind, instead of letting them rule us, can create the most powerful cataclysm of momentum for manifesting.

This New Moon in Pisces on March 13 possesses an omnipotent energy available for us to tap into.  The New Moon is already a potent lunar phase supporting our ability to set intentions, plant seeds to watch grow, and for new beginnings. Yet this one in particular is giving us hydro-speed waters in order to accelerate our manifesting.  But we must catch the wave! The way we do this is by harnessing the powers of our feelings.

So, it’s time for some feeling magic. We’re going to make a playlist that we can use to tune into on the daily to tap into your own feeling magic. Have you ever played your favorite song on repeat? You do this because you want to recreate the way it makes you FEEL over and over again. As we’ve already discussed, the abundant feeling we allow ourselves to tap into ushers the flow of magic into our lives. Let’s get to it!

Making A Playlist For Feeling Magic & Manifestation

This playlist is to get you out of the heady cerebral space and into the intuitive and emotional body. After you’ve made your playlist it’s important to listen to it everyday until the Full Moon in Libra on March 28. The more you can tune into the uplifting playlist you’re about to create, the better you can harness and direct your feelings into the abundant flow, and therefore usher in all the magic you hope to create this lunar cycle.

Playlist Process…Making Magic

  1. Create the playlist using a music platform of your choice.
    Name the playlist. It could be something like “Feeling Magic,” “Manifestation Playlist,” “New Moon Magic.” Make sure it’s something that inspires you, just like the songs you’ll add to it.
  2. Begin selecting songs. Be intentional. The purpose is to select songs that aid you in experiencing feelings like abundance, love ,and freedom.  Ask yourself some of the following questions. “What do I want to feel on a daily basis?” Or “What songs make me feel limitless?” Then choose songs according to these feelings.
  3. Make the playlist as intentional as possible. Choose the number of songs that feels right to you and choose the order in which you’ll listen to them. Which song would be a great opener? Which song would be a good finale?
  4. Listen to your playlist. Listen to it on the night of the New Moon, while doing a ritual, lighting your candles, charging your crystals, setting your intentions, et cetera.  Fully embody the music, allowing your feelings and emotions to be guided. If you feel called to dance during the process, this will usher even more momentum.
  5. After the New Moon, make it a point to listen to your playlist every day.  Remember, the FEELINGS the music produces inside your body are the most important part of this process. Don’t be afraid to let the rhythms take a hold of you!
  6. Lastly, be patient, be present, and believe in your abundance and the power of feeling magic.  Wait for the manifestations to flow in from all your hard work!

Blessed New Moon, yogis!

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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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