Person meditating Vedic Astrology Forecast August

When planets move direct, they allow us to implement the lessons that arose when they were retrograde. In the Vedic Astrology Forecast August, 2019, Mercury and then Jupiter move into direct motion. Our tasks include our own forward momentum served by greater clarity and heart-centered alignment after significant shifts in our personal and collective belief systems. The solutions, as always, arise from open hands and open hearts.

August 1

Mercury in Gemini stops his retrograde motion now, which means we should expect to see some of our emotional and communication fog lifting. Mercury turned retrograde in Cancer on July 8. This began a cycle of emotional communication which hopefully included developing more skill as a listener and experiencing greater reflection. When information is aligned with the heart, it leads to actual wisdom—and gives us the ability to explain that wisdom to others.

August 11

Jupiter in Scorpio stops his retrograde motion today. Jupiter turned retrograde in Scorpio on April 11 which began a cycle of introspection related to our imagined fears and how we might be manipulated by those fears. The promise of this placement is that it supports our ability to find a deeper devotional stance, beyond everything that it could be triggering. Hopefully, you have noticed that the best response to this world and its embedded darkness is to foster a greater connection to the heart.

August 15

The Moon is now full in Capricorn which contrasts the Sun in Cancer (the connection to the heart and emotions) and shows us the practical steps that must be taken in order to ground those emotions. Excessive sentiment makes us self-centered and needy. You may come to this realization today. Don’t despair. Learn the lesson and connect to a more devotional state of mind.

This Full Moon takes place in Dhanishta Nakshatra, which is related to Lord Shiva’s drum of creation. We can create based on what we value the most. For example, we may value money. We may value people. We may value our spiritual development. Or we may have any number of other values. Ask yourself: What do I value?

August 30

With this New Moon in Leo, the Sun and Moon come together to begin a new cycle. The influence of Leo can promote feelings of fiery enthusiasm. But this same fire may also burn up our mind, our emotions, and even the other people in our lives. Notice your level of enthusiasm for the projects you are pursuing. Also, notice how much of your own ego is wrapped up in those pursuits and how much those pursuits are your heart’s desire.

Being connected to the heart allows you to overcome the wavering confidence issues that can accompany egoistic pursuits. This New Moon happens in Magha Nakshatra, which is related to the divine ancestors. This is a great time to connect with sacred teachings and the lessons they have given you. This Nakshatra also emphasizes the energy of your family and your lineage.