Meditation Stones March Astrology Forecast

Jyotish: Vedic Astrology Forecast March

March begins in the midst of a Mercury retrograde cycle that started on February 17. This offers a meaningful opportunity to evaluate our communication to prepare for the strategic time of Mars’ auspicious and exalted position in Capricorn in March. The Astrology forecast March allows us to focus on serving a higher cause through our spiritual practices.

Astrology Forecast March 9

The March 9 Full Moon in Leo comes in opposition to the recent New Moon in Aquarius. Whereas Aquarius is concerned with the collective, this Full Moon reflects back on each individual. How are you personally participating in the evolution of our collective consciousness? You need to find your passion and your heart’s desire. Serving a higher cause doesn’t mean that you need to sublimate your passion. In fact, you need to make your passion into something that benefits everyone. That’s the best game in town!

This happens in the Nakshatra of Purva Phalguni, ruled by the god of delight. Take joy in sharing your power with the masses, rather than hoarding it as if it’s going out of style.

March 22

Mars enters Capricorn until May 4. Mars is exalted in this sign, making this a time to be strategic about your battles. You will feel equipped to continue the fight that began when Mars entered Sagittarius in early February. Now you can plan more strategically and to be more methodical and practical. A great martial artist does not become angry or flustered. She has a cool head and a soft heart. Become stronger with your spiritual practices, and commit to daily practice.

March 24

The New Moon in Pisces begins a 30-day cycle related to creativity, metaphysics, and seeking higher wisdom beyond this earth. It’s time to step into the places where we have one foot in the other world. But we can also want to escape from this world, and “check out” from our duties and responsibilities. It is important to be tuned in but not checked out this month.

This happens in the Nakshatra of Uttara Bhadra, related to the celestial serpent Ahi Bhudnya. Now is a time when we can dig deeply into the nature of the mind and try to heal its toxic attachments. There is great redemption and devotion in this process.