Energy of the Heart Astrology Forecast Summer 2018

Astrology Forecast Summer 2018

This summer brings two partial solar eclipses as well as a total lunar eclipse. The heightened energy of these solar eclipses can enhance our ability to discover meaning as well as offer increased connection to psychic abilities. The lunar eclipse is connected to devotion—particularly for teachers and spiritual teachings. Throughout the summer, it is important for us to practice discernment and to listen and speak clearly. Each day, the more that we channel our attention to hearing the song of our hearts, the more we can tap into the peace that is within ourselves.

July 11

Jupiter goes direct in Libra today, after turning retrograde several months ago. You will feel some of your inspiration return along with a renewed sense of social activism. In addition, this shift comes with relationship lessons or problems unraveling as well as some moving forward.

July 13

A New Moon / partial solar eclipse happens today in Gemini. This is one of two partial solar eclipses happening this year. Notice how your communication, skills, and information are either beneficial or detrimental in your life. How can you speak and listen more clearly? These are the big issues at this time.

This partial eclipse is in the Nakshatra of Punarvasu, ruled by Divine Mother energy. This brings greater meaning to the information you are gathering.

July 15-22

Mars / Ketu is in exact conjunction in Capricorn. This is a time for increasing personal strength and discipline. But, it could also be an explosive time, so make sure to engage in yoga, spiritual practices, and the development of emotional courage. You can destroy your own personal weaknesses, rather than battle over the weaknesses of others.

July 16

The Sun is in Cancer for the next 30 days, emphasizing the energy of the heart. This will be a month of connecting with your family and other loved ones. The big issue this month revolves around going deeper than just the surface emotions. So this is a great time for devotion and spiritual practices. Be careful of toxic emotions, connections, and attachments.

July 26–August 19

Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer, so this is an opportune time to reflect on how you feel and try to make sense of those emotions. Be careful misspeaking and creating a lot of confusion as a result. Mercury is also joined Rahu in Cancer which exacerbates this potential confusion. Slow down and listen more, to others and to your own heart.

July 27

The Full Moon / total lunar eclipse in Capricorn is today. This is also a very sacred holiday called Guru Purnima, the Full Moon of the guru. Honor your teachers, and put into practice what they teach. Be careful, as in addition to devotion, full moons can lead to fanaticism and excessive emotionality. It is better to channel that emotion into your love of teachers and spirituality, rather than into worldly relationships, which may ultimately be disappointing.

The Nakshatra today is Shravana, which means “hearing.” Listen to the song in your heart today, and share it with others. Connect to the silence within and let it lead you to the source of peace.

August 1–September 2

Venus is in Virgo. This is where Venus is debilitated, which doesn’t sound very good. You may be feeling somewhat irritable and cranky for the next couple of weeks. Notice how critical you are of your partners and other people in your life. Fault-finding may be high. At this time, also notice how others may be finding fault with you and try to have more compassion. This aspect offers the potential for service and devotion.

August 11

The New Moon / partial solar eclipse is in Cancer. This is a day of high emotional passion and drama. There could be a connection to psychic ability, but you may also pick up on the emotions of others. This leads to a lot of empathy, but may feel ungrounded as your boundaries feel confused. Make sure to be in an emotionally safe environment today.

The Nakshatra today is Aslesha. There is an “entwining” energy about this Nakshatra. This is where a deep and loving embrace can become smothering and suffocating. It’s best to get entangled in pure connections, not ones based on your desires.

August 18–20

The Moon is debilitated in Scorpio. Given that Venus is also debilitated (in Virgo) this could be a challenging time. Emotional unease and volatility can lead to depth and transformation. But it also can lead to a lot of toxic projections, so be careful. To complicate the issue, you may not be feeling very happy about your relationships. At this time, personal creativity and devotion will go far. If you don’t have a spiritual practice, be alert to jealousy and paranoia.

August 26

The Full Moon is in Aquarius. This is a time when your sense of public responsibility and civic duty will be high. Take the opportunity to help in your community and serve a higher cause. Along these lines, turning adversaries into allies will be important for the next two weeks.

The Nakshatra today is Shatabishak, which has to do with metaphysical healing and finding alternative answers to life’s problems.

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