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Shanti Malibu Brings A Vision of Community to Southern California

Modern science has profoundly altered the course of human life. People are living longer now than during any other time in history, but these same advances have turned the process of aging into a medical experience for which the medical world is unprepared. What if there was another option to living a life of health and wellness? Shanti Malibu’s concept of active adult living will make life more comfortable and enjoyable.

Shanti Malibu is currently a concept for a wellness and active adult community that is seeking input and feedback as they build and create your future home. Please fill out this survey to offer your perspective. And keep reading to learn more.

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Everyday Life as Retreat Living

Picture this mood inspired by the Eagles:

On a beautiful highway, cool wind in my hair.
Warm smell of eucalyptus, rising up through the air.
Up ahead in the distance, I saw shimmering light…

  • Imagine waking up in an environment where you can relax and be nurtured in a stress-free retreat-like home.
  • Imagine that you are listening to the morning sounds of birds singing, with the scent of fresh flowers, as the smell of fresh organic breakfast foods cooking stimulates your appetite?
  • All this while living in a private bungalow designed according to the ancient healing concepts of Vastu, with views of a medicinal herb garden.
  • This isn’t just an inspiring guided meditation or an image on your vision board.
  • This could be your life in an Ayurvedic active adult community of your dreams.

Ayurvedic Wellness for Daily Life

“Feed People, Serve People,” –Neem Karoli Baba

The vision of this community also includes apartment living as well as thoughtfully appointed bungalows available for short-term stays. You can visit loved ones, gather for social events, and be nourished by delicious Ayurvedically-influenced meals from the organic farm-to-table restaurant.

You can enjoy wellness-enhancing Ayurvedic day spa therapies, receive detoxification/pancha karma treatments in the Ayurvedic clinic, and benefit from the vast understanding of rasayana or rejuvenation in Ayurvedic teachings.

One of the most powerful Ayurvedic tenets is that “Food is medicine and medicine is food.” Society at large has yet to recognize the potent role of foods. Like any drug, food has the power to either heal or harm. Living with an organic farm will provide a clean and ongoing source of nutrition, gently informed by Ayurvedic eating principles to encourage balance resulting in better health.

Everything about the environment at Shanti Malibu is envisioned to live in harmony with nature and with the circadian rhythms, the cycles of the day as understood in Ayurveda and in modern medicine.

Surrounded by love and health at Shanti Malibu: The Team

Shanti Malibu is the plan to implement this vision. The growing team and advisory board is being led and managed by Larry Mangel. Larry is a NAMA Board Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Vedic Counselor who is formally Cerealart’s product developer and art publisher.

Larry Mangel man wearing blue shirt in front of mountains

Ayurvedic Practitioner and Shanti Malibu Manager Larry Mangel

Other members of the team include a visionary architect and experienced senior care health professional LVN who has more than 10 years of experience working in diverse healthcare environments, independent living communities, and urgent care and hospital settings.

The experienced staff and advisory board also features a number of noteworthy Ayurvedic experts including: Dr. Ramkumar Kutty, the founder of Vaidygrama, the Ayurvedic center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India; Vedic author and scholar Dr. David Frawley; and Ayurvedic physician and educator in Long Beach, Dr. Jayagopal Parla.

The Vision of Shanti Malibu

The vision is “a boutique wellness hotel sitting in a huge garden.” It is where the “Golden Door” meets India in Southern California.

Why The Time is Now for Shanti Malibu

At Shanti Malibu, you can live on permanent retreat in an oasis of peace. Work and relax in a beautiful private active adult residence that feels like a lovingly designed paradise with seasonally grown organic food and lots of fresh air.

Activities at Shanti Malibu

While living here, you can ask yourself, “Should I begin the day with a meditation practice, pranayama, or yoga? Or all three? Is there a hike on the agenda today or a walk along beautiful tree-lined connected paths through a safe property?

You can browse the medicinal herb gardens, fruit orchards, or stroll beside the year-round creek. Near oceans and mountains, Malibu is close enough for a day trip to the beach, near town for shopping, and an easy ride to cultural attractions such as the picturesque Getty Museum.

Shanti Malibu’s activities and programming will include lectures and classes by notable experts, cooking classes in the teaching kitchen, swimming in the lap pool, and tennis or basketball on the courts. You can relax and read on your private deck and work in the on-site office center and host meetings in the conference rooms.

Imagine leaving behind your maintenance worries! You no longer have to mow the lawn, plow or snow blow your driveway, paint, call the plumber, or worry about exterior upkeep? You can live on gorgeously maintained grounds without having to be personally responsible for all the upkeep!

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The Community at Shanti Malibu

In the active adult community of Shanti Malibu, your neighbors will be your peers, your community of like-minded people that you can relate to and with whom you can share your story. You’re all at similar stages in life with similar interests and lots to teach each other.

Looking for Input

As we progress, we are looking for input from people like you to help us build the best community possible. We’d love your input! Please take our survey. It will only take five minutes!

We are confident that this will have a huge impact on the emotional well-being of our future residents. We’ll thank you with a free 15-minute Ayurvedic consultation.

Shanti Malibu Survey Annoucement

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