Looking for the answer to bright and shiny hair?  Chia Seeds may be the answer.

By Tiffany Caronia

Chia Smoothing Oil, LA YOGA Magazine, November 2015We keep hearing about the benefits of eating chia seeds and seeing these omega 3 oil-rich seeds being incorporated into delicious recipes. Now, Trissola Professional has created Chia Smoothing Oil to infuse the superfood benefits of these powerhouse seeds into bright and shiny hair. The lightweight oil is suitable for everyday use to provide a smooth finish that can turn around any bad hair day. In addition to being a great source of essential fatty acids, chia is full of vitamins and minerals that can strengthen hair and are the foundation of the product’s benefits. Chia Smoothing Oil 2 ounces. $23.95  trissola.com


Beauty on Ice: Cold & Thirsty

One of the latest trends in beauty may be a little surprising, since it involves standing nearly naked in a chamber with temperatures as low as -240 F. Cryotherapy was originally developed in Japan and then studied in Europe before coming to the US. Cold & Thirsty is LA’s second location (and first on the Westside) offering sessions in a whole body cryosauna.

In addition to sessions of two minutes (or up to three) in the inflammation-reducing cold therapy chamber, Cold & Thirsty also offers organic cold-pressed juices and nut milk shakes by Renew Juicery and Mylk served in inert glass bottles. The blends with anti-inflammatory superfoods and medicinal herbs such as turmeric, astragalus, chaga, maca, and more. They can be purchased singly or in cleanse packages. Don’t miss the the subtle flavors of the lavender nut milk.

Chill out for the sake of beauty at the unique wellness designation created by Renew Juicery and Mylk creator Brooke Rewa and her business partner and cyrotherapy enthusiast Katie Kaufman.   Cold &Thirsty, 12460 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066. coldandthirsty.com  


St. Regis Monarch Beach Deluxe Room, LA YOGA Magazine, November 2015


 Travel Special: St Regis Monarch Beach

Dana Point’s St Regis Monarch Beach will be undergoing a renovation and reimagining, upgrading areas of this luxury location beginning in this month. While this means that select parts of the St Regis will temporarily be closed (such as the pools, spa, and some dining options), other amenities will be available. These include access to the private beach with Surf Butler services including surf and SUP lessons, the full golf course, and their restaurants. The dining options include the St Regis’ signature restaurant Stonehill Tavern, the Monarch Bay Club, breakfast and lunch at Club 19 overlooking the golf greens, and in-room dining.

Throughout the renovation, guests can enjoy a restorative five-star stay in a standard room at the remarkable rate of $195/night with resort and parking fees waived. Book now, as holiday rates will be higher. For more information, visit: stregismb.com/renovation  



Spa, Wellness, and Travel 


Tiffany Caronia was initially lured to the mat by yoga’s physical benefits, but she soon discovered the profound impact the practice of yoga had on her overall well-being. Working as a publicist for over 10 years, Tiffany immediately noticed the practice’s invaluable effects- reduced anxiety, relief from depression, improved focus, more contentment and acceptance for what is. The practice of yoga quickly became a way of life for Tiffany and she was inspired to share its benefits with others.

Tiffany has studied extensively with Annie Carpenter, holding an advanced certification in Carpenter’s SmartFLOW Yoga methodology. She has also studied yoga therapy at Loyola Marymount University and continues to practice and study with teacher Alexandria Crow. Tiffany’s alignment and anatomically driven classes teach students to move slowly and mindfully. By instructing students how to move into the poses, she teaches them to move with intention and focus their attention so that they can make wise decisions based on the present moment. It’s this skill of concentration — cultivated on the yoga mat — that students can take into their daily lives so they can live with more clarity, awareness and maybe even a little more ease.