Because we absorb whatever we place on our skin, the Ayurvedic tradition places as great an importance on the oils themselves as on the act of giving or receiving a massage. Since oil not only evokes love but also nurtures the skin and deeper tissues, carefully choosing a therapeutic oil or blend is a vital component of the art of abhyanga.

Choosing the Right Oils

While simple vegetable oils can be used to great effect, blends of oils with Ayurvedic herbs have additional healing properties that can supercharge your self-massage session. In the practice of Ayurveda, synergistic combinations of herbs are combined with oils in traditional recipes. These blends are beloved for their nourishing properties.

Of course, oils can be powerful hydrating and even detoxifying tonics. Absorbed into the skin, they are particularly beneficial for the nervous system, which is why Ayurvedic oils are beloved for their stress-reducing effects.

Yogi Bath and Beauty

Founder of Yogi Bath and Beauty, Vinie Sukhmanee, is the daughter of Bibiji and Yogi Bhajan, so immersion into Ayurvedic wisdom is part of her lineage. This collection of products includes a stress-reducing and skin-nourishing massage oil, as well as a hair and scalp treatment.

When Vinie talks about her oils, she speaks with a palpable sense of reverence. She ensures that they are 100% plant-based, with high quality ingredients and free of synthetics. They’re crafted by hand in India, in artful and traditional Ayurveda processes that include ceremonial attention to detail.

Bhajan Body and Face Oil

The formula for the Bhajan Body and Face Oil contains more than 30 herbs combined to allow the healing properties of all of the ingredients to be fully utilized. Some of the functional herbs in this oil include adaptogenic ashwagandha and anti-inflammatory boswellia. Vinie suggests regular use to enjoy the cumulative anti-aging and stress-reducing effects of this restorative blend.

Raja Restorative Hair Oil

Two herbs that are beloved in Ayurveda for their ability to nourish the hair include bringeraj and brahmi. These are two of the many synergistic ingredients in this deep treatment suitable for both scalp and hair. Oiling the head and hair is an important part of a full abhyanga treatment or session.

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