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Kimberly Meredith Shares that Healing is Multidimensional

“I don’t believe in anything you do. But I’ve been healed today.” Medical Medium, Gifted Intuitive, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Teacher Kimberly Meredith has received letters from more than one person with this kind of sentiment. Yet she also receives testimonials from people who do believe. The manifestation of Kimberly’s work has nothing to do with belief and everything to do with what is truly real.

Kimberly has welcomed multiple opportunities to have her abilities tested including participating in double-blind studies. Organizations who investigate energetic phenomenon have verified her talents including Dr C Norman Shealy, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, PsyTek Subtle Energy Laboratory and Research Facility, and the IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences (spearheaded by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell and Dr Dean Radin). She enjoys reading people she’s never met on a radio show, or walking into an audience of hundreds of people, where she can scan those attending.

Numerous events in Kimberly’s life foreshadowed her medical talent as a medical intuitive. These include a family shamanic lineage to psychic abilities, energetic sensitivities that showed up during childhood, and a near death experience at the age of nine. In 2012, a car accident, another profound near death experience, and a long and intense recovery led to Kimberly using a number of tools on herself, including earning certification for a cold laser machine, her study of Reiki, and her ability to channel her faith. Friends asked for and received healings.

How We Stay Healed

Over time, she honed her skills and learned to trust and to read the ways that the Holy Spirit and her spirit guides communicate messages and facilitate healing. “I trust my eyes and my hands to do the work that God has chosen me to do.” Kimberly sees this as a gift and a skill; and she offers that more people will continue to reveal their gifts for healing. More people will learn how to help themselves. She reveals she is here in part to teach this and to contribute to the conversation of illness and disease, how we heal, and how we can stay healed.

Spirituality and Healing

An important factor in our healing, she says, is our spirituality. “I feel people should have an intimacy of relationships with the Holy One. With God. With the feminine aspect of love.” Prayer and meditation—at the very least 10 minutes a day—is a frequent instruction she offers as well as part of her own daily practice. A daily practice that can last for hours and allows her to continue to recharge her skills for healing. For all of us, through our connection to spirit, we can shift our own energy to a higher frequency or dimension, and awaken new cells.

Recommendations for Healing

Spirit alone is not enough to stay healed. She acknowledges that each person has a different source of energy and is sensitive to different things. Yet there are some overarching recommendations she makes for all of us, including citing water as the number one source of our nutrition. So it is important to stay hydrated with a really good source of water (stored in glass, not plastic). She suggests that people use filters for showers and bathing since most of our tap water is not healthy, even to breathe in the steam.

Hydration is important for strengthening the immune system and our overall vitality. Kimberly references the connections between the immune system and cancer; people come to her with cancer or who trust her skills to scan their bodies to determine the need for further medical testing. Kimberly works closely with medical doctors who recognize the value of her complementary and comprehensive approach that combines her energetic skill and sensitivity with a professional background that includes experience in healthcare.

Multidimensional Aspects of Healing

Kimberly’s very presence embodies healing: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, that she seeks to facilitate in others. Her compassionate presence, expansive insight, expertise in evaluating recommendations, and guiding people to help them create a new internal and external environment that is conducive to healing and staying healed. Those people who have written Kimberly letters about belief may recognize the multidimensional aspect of her work and how we as humans and humanity are multidimensional. In healing and in life.

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Kimberly Meredith shares her Medical Mediumship Work

Awakening to the Fifth Dimension–Kimberly Meredith’s Long-Awaited Book

In September, 2021, St Martins Press will be publishing Kimberly Meredith’s long-awaited book, “Awakening To The Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path To Healing.” In the book, Kimberly shares how her experience has evolved into touching the lives of thousands, countless witnessing of hundreds of miracle healings, with case studies included. Kimberly gifts were tested at the famed IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Her book reveals, profound scientific studies, teachings, healing secrets, nutritional tips and exercises that can assist the reader in awakening their own gifts, and access 5th dimension miracles.

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