5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Navigating Healthy Transitions

Are you called to made decisions that could change your life in a major way? Are you feeling inspired to take a leap of faith you have only dreamed of? Where would your heart lead you? Are you longing for balance between your mind and your heart? How are you navigating the transitions of endings and finding ways to invite in new beginnings?

Many of us resist endings of any kind. This can be a natural reaction our ego has because it thinks in terms of lack and limitation. Our ego will cling to people, patterns, material and financial objects, and attitudes and opinions. Our ego can lead us to a place of our own downfall and sometimes destruction.

This is not to say our ego is a negative aspect of our lives. It is not.

Our ego is intended to be a beautiful part of us that defines and characterizes our uniqueness.

Our culture, however, has led us to believe in separation and duality over celebrating our innate individual natures.

Our Creator intends our hearts and minds to work together balanced and living harmoniously without our own psyche and in relationship to others. This truth and the Soul-led use of our Free Will is how we are meant to thrive and grow.

Our ego personality can lead us to make choices that can cause painful endings. Our Soul, however, would have us bless and release situations the do not serve us in order to have new and positive beginnings.

What is the answer to generate this humanly-created drama into a new beginning for you and for living the life you desire?

Your growth, abundance, and ascension can be your new beginnings and can support your healthy transitions.

First, understand that our ego is fueled by our Source-given Free Will. This gift of human life is given to us to experience earth school and to learn from the choices we make here. We are born into this world with Free Will to enjoy life’s pleasures and the fruits of our labor. We are given life to further our Soul’s growth and assist others in theirs.

The conflict comes when our Free Will is misused and poor choices are made in spite of our intuitive nudges to take another path. Believing that we know better than our Soul and acting without thought or from fear is a cause and e?ect lesson. When lessons work out to the benefit of our Souls growth, we reach the conclusion that our Soul’s guidance was a better use of our Free Will.

We teach this theory to our students and initiates at our Compass Rose Mystery School of Light. The information is received with welcomed understanding, and also some disappointment that the teaching wasn’t provided years ago. Our world is changing and so will spiritual education as we continue releasing what has not served our growth.

The present is what we have now.

Practice letting go and allowing for a new beginning with a new way of being. A beautiful new personality ego Free Will choice will allow your beautiful Soul to take lead.

Your Soul knows your life purpose.

Your Soul created your life’s plan along with other members of your Soul Group. The aspect of your Soul that is you said “Yes” with clear vision. The people, places and situations you set up for your journey in place took their position and your earth life was set in motion, with Free Will your first tool.

Let’s bring our attention back to the present moment. What will be your first step in creating the life you planned and the joy you are meant to experience? What is to be your new beginning?

Ask yourself the following questions related to making transitions healthier.

  1. What Soul-guided choices are you facing at this time in your life?
  2. How will your life change for living a Soul Conscious life?
  3. Can you imagine a life without obstacles created by old ways of thinking?
  4. Are you willing to give yourself freedom to choose a new beginning?
  5. Where does your life purpose take you now?

You, too, can contribute to the best world.

The world needs your Light. And your task is to unveil the beautiful being you are. Share this journey and share your dream for the greatest chance of cultivating healthy transitions in life. Find another like-minded person to share the path or work with a mentor. For difficult challenges, consider working with a skilled healer who is fully present and in alignment with Source. We invite you to reach out to us at Compass Rose for guidance and insight. We applaud you for taking the risk, raising your bar, and for the courage to engage with others for a new world.


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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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Stay Informed & Inspired

Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

Stay informed & Inspired