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It IS Possible to Stay Present During the Holidays and Beyond

The holidays start in November and go full force until New Year’s Day. They are almost always a whirlwind, crazy time. You often find yourself exhausted and even sick wondering how it all flew by so quickly.

Seriously, how does it go by so fast?

Your holiday season is full of commitments, things you have to do, family stuff, and maybe a thing or two you actually would like to do. Work parties, friend parties, and family parties fill up every free block of time you have during December. There is rarely any downtime. It’s a lot of go-go-go and moving from one thing quickly onto the next.

While the holidays are often magical and filled with so many amazing memories, there is a lot of effort, time and energy that goes into making this time of the year so special for everyone around you.

What if this year instead of letting the holidays fly by you, you were more present, engaged and happy? Not only is it possible, it’s a game changer.

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6 Tips to Stay Present During the Holidays

1. Pace Yourself.

Give yourself extra time to do tasks, errands, visits, travel, etc. There are more people out and about this time of year so it takes longer to do anything that you are leaving your house to do.

By the way, there is no such thing as a really fast trip to the store close to the holidays, so plan ahead as much as you can so you don’t have to make that extra trip out. Traffic is more congested, people are more irritable and things run out on the shelves. Plan ahead so you have less trips where you are running around to do errands.

2. Don’t Over Commit.

It’s so easy to say, “yes”. But there are only so many hours in the day. Don’t add on more activities than you have to or want to. The more things you say yes to, the less time you are going to have to bake those special cookies you said you wanted to make this year.

Your time is your most precious commodity.

The more you over commit, the more you will feel like this holiday season flies by because you will feel like you don’t have time to do the things you really want to do. By the way, we all know when you are somewhere you do not want to be.

Stop saying yes to things you don’t like and don’t have to do.

3. Do Things You Actually Want to Do.

Don’t forget, this is your holiday season too. You make it special for everyone else but make it special for yourself also. What are the things you always want to do but don’t have time for at the holidays? Put those on your calendar right now and don’t bump them for something else.

Say yes to things that you want to do and no to things you don’t. By saying no, you give yourself more time to do things that you will actually enjoy.

4. Have Fun!

Seriously, have fun. After all, you put so much time and energy into making this time of the year magical. What would be fun for you to do this year? Don’t just talk about it, actually make it happen and the best way to do that is to write it on your calendar.

5. Take Time for You.

Schedule in that self-care. A nap, meditation, yoga, a massage, a facial, a walk, a jog or whatever will support you best each day.

Self-care is key to helping you keep those holiday pounds off and irritability at bay. Listen to your body and prioritize taking care of it. No one wants to be sick around the holidays, even more so now. The better you feel, the happier you will be.

6. Be Energy Conscious.

You only have so much energy and feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or at your breaking point will not be helpful or fun for anyone around you.

Think of your energy like you do the energy on your cell phone. The more drama you around, the more you drain your battery. The more uplifting and fun things you do, the more you charge your battery.

Charge Your Energy and Stay Present During the Holidays

By implementing the steps above, you will charge your energy more this holiday season than normal. The holidays truly can be a magical time full of good memories. The more present you are, the slower time will go. What tip is the most important one for you to implement now before the holidays get started?

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