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Upgrading Your Life at The Center Method

What if you didn’t have to travel to an exotic locale for a connected approach to physical and mental well-being? What if you could step into an office with coordinated services designed to support—and even upgrade—your busy modern and urban lifestyle?

This is part of the vision of Jennifer Musselman and Nicole Moore. The two co-founders of The Center Method are both licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. They describe The Center Method as “an inclusive community of personal development and health under one roof.” The inviting center is conveniently located only one block away from Erewhon on Wilshire Boulevard.

Nicole and Jennifer met while they were in graduate school together. At The Center Method, they draw upon their collective experience in multiple modalities of psychology, personal growth, and yoga, as well as their extensive backgrounds in creative and business development.

The Center Method Therapy Office

Jennifer Musselman says, “Integrating all our parts – our minds, our bodies, our hearts – in all the roles we play at home, socially and professionally fosters social-emotional intelligence and attunes to others’ needs as much our own needs. My hope is that The Center Method isn’t just the place people come to find their center amongst the urban chaos, but where they learn to carry that awareness with them into their daily lives as they interact with their colleagues, families and in general. Imagine how ‘center-on-the-go’ could change our morning commutes, let alone our workdays, love lives and homes!”

Co-founder Nicole Moore MFT, RYT, says this about her work, “Sharing the experience of The Center Method (TCM) is a path I had unknowingly been on throughout the course of my life. The combination of psychotherapy, bodywork, body movement/awareness, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation has profoundly shifted my perspective and approach to life. I have found the book, The Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel Van Der Kolk, helpful in the mind/body experience.”

When it comes to The Center Method, Nicole says, “TCM is more than a ‘treatment’ or ‘fix’. It is a holding environment which allows access to human resiliency and our ability to heal. The integration of vision, touch, hearing, and balance with the emotional and rational brains are fundamental for human connection, attunement, self-confidence, and building healthy relationships. TCM invites you to explore the interplay between thoughts and physical sensations, how to become calm and focused, and how to maintain that calm when life gets complicated.”

The Center Method Workout Room

In addition to the ability to work with a group of hand-picked licensed therapists, The Center Method offers massage, Reiki, and other therapies with trained practitioners. Fitness and Yoga classes are available in the boutique studio. The growing schedule includes: Vinyasa Yoga, Mommy/Daddy & Me Dance Fitness, Yoga Sculpt, Yoga Barre, and body-positive Burlesque Basics. The full mind-body-spirit center also features family programs. Look for communication skills for kids with autism.

Check out upcoming special programs and urban retreats. In Feed the Flow with Registered Dietician and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Jamie Mok, students will learn personalized approaches to food and fitness.

Visiting The Center Method

The Center Method, 2716 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Call: 310-957-9191
Visit the website:

Look for the center on MindBodyOnline under The Center Method