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How A Decluttering Coach Helps You Make Essential Shifts in Your Space

If all you needed to create the home you’ve always wanted were a handful of inspirational ideas and organizational tips, you could get those from blogs, books, articles, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

However, if you haven’t been able to begin your decluttering process, maintain a decluttered and tidy home, maintain organizational systems, or keep up your momentum, then you need more than a handful of skills you read in a book.


What you need to understand in order to declutter.

  • If you’re overwhelmed by your home there is no quick fix.
  • If you don’t know where to start, you will never start.
  • If you’re fearful of change, you will avoid changing.
  • If you aren’t honest with yourself about your fears, you will stay stuck.

You can hire a decluttering expert to come into your home and power through five hours of decluttering everything in your home, which might give you a jump start on a few projects of your own. However, if you have not faced the real reasons why the clutter got there in the first place it will all be back again within a year.

That’s why you need a decluttering coach.

Regardless of the skills organizing and decluttering experts have in creating a beautiful and functional space, they are not psychologists. They are not trained to understand the human psyche. Their job is to create a space of beauty for you, and then it’s your job to live in and maintain that space.

woman on computer surrounded by boxes


Whether it’s one room, one closet or a five-bedroom house, if you are stuck, there is an emotional reason for it.

In Decluttering Coaching with me, you identify, face, and process the emotional reasons for your clutter and disorganization before creating solutions with new skills. This takes time and effort.

We live in a fast-food culture. We want fast fixes. We want instant gratification we want to snap our fingers and have it done now. We want a delivered to our door. We don’t want to have to put in the energy effort.

Difficult does not mean impossible.

We want the secret answer that will help us to skip over the hard parts. We want somebody to show us how to get what we want without facing our own internal crap.

It can be scary to start work with a coach. It can feel easier to hire someone to do the work for you. The problem is that the first part of the work, figuring out how you got here and how to not let it happen again, gets skipped.

My job is to help you to see yourself clearly so you can have a life and home that you love.

A life and home you deserve.

It’s true, it isn’t always fun. The internal work makes you sweat just as much as the physical work. But I promise that as you address all the things that keep you stuck, you will start to move your clutter, feel lighter and even have a little fun.

You may also cry. It’s okay, tears are healing. You will laugh at me, and you will laugh at yourself. You will have those fantastic “ah-ha!” moments, and those “I wish I had a V8!” moments (google 80’s V8 commercials).

What You Will Learn From a Decluttering Coach

  • How to Honor yourself.
  • How to Honor others.
  • How to Work with a spouse who’s not on the same page as you.
  • How to Let go of resentment.


family in a decluttered home after a decluttering coach

Decluttering is not just about creating a Pinterest-worthy home.

Decluttering your home isn’t just about moving items around, or deciding what to donate, toss, or sell.

Decluttering is about facing all of the things you didn’t even know you needed to face inside yourself.

  • How you show up in the world.
  • How your relationships work.
  • How you grew up.
  • Who you want to become.

And of course, it is also about moving items around figuring out whether to donate, sell, or toss them, finding organizational systems for your decluttered space, and, heck, it can even be about creating that Pinterest-worthy home!

Donation boxes for decluttering

The reason you need a Decluttering Coach, is because this is hard to do by yourself.

It’s not that you can’t do it on your own, it’s that it’s so hard you might never do it without help.

Without help you will to the following.

Blame yourself and say “This is ridiculous! I ought to be able to do this. I’m X-years old for goodness sake. Shouldn’t I be able to do these things by now??”

  • Struggle to make the connections between the clutter in your home and in your mind.
  • See it all as a reflection of you and your worth, and that will keep you stuck.
  • Struggle with trusting yourself to follow through.
  • Struggle with accountability.
  • Wonder why every system you try falls apart eventually.

beautiful office space

However, with help you will experience the following.

  • Have a gentle guide who will make those connections for you.
  • Have somebody who believes in you even when you have a hard time believing in yourself.
  • Have somebody holding you accountable.
  • Have a psychologist and life coach to hold your emotional space safe.
  • Have somebody normalizing the things that you think are so very weird or wrong about you or your home.
  • Be able to face all of those difficult things and become a victor instead of a victim.
  • Finally reach a place where you can use all those nifty tips and tricks that you read in those books and articles.

You can do this.

Giving yourself the gift of support means you are ready to choose yourself. You’re ready to create change, even if it terrifies you. When decluttering your home is the journey that you’re ready to take, I’ll be there to take it with you.

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