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Main Street in Santa Monica is one of those treasures of the greater Los Angeles area. It is so close to the beach that you can smell the salt air and jaunt down to the ocean. The boutiques and shops offer chances to take the bohemian Westside vibe home with you. One of the locations where the creative synergy connects fashion, beauty, and home decor is Blossom Atelier. Founded by hair and makeup artist as well as vintage fashion collector and designer Jamie Leonard along with Gilena Simons, who brings her brand consulting and creative eye for fashion to the boho boutique. We had the opportunity to check in with the owners and hear more about the inspiration for Blossom Atalier.

As you curate items, what do you look for? 

Blossom believes we all hold onto personal treasures often passed on from generation to generation. We look for meaning and great design and are inspired by what others have spent years collecting whether it be silver travel spoons or vintage vanity items and try to work them into a contemporary landscape in order to enhance the wellbeing and delight of their new owners.

Blossom Atelier

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere! Some of our favorite places are in nature, during our travels (Jam just brought back amazing treasures from Sayulita), new experiences and talking to Blossom customers.

What are some of your favorite spots or places for refuge in Los Angeles?

Many of the items from our store have come from our home! We love stopping by random garage sales and flea markets to stock up. We are constantly on the hunt for unique items to bring back to the store for our customers to give a new home.

Where have you traveled that has influenced Blossom?

We love to travel and some of the destinations that Hong Kong, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, NYC, Northern California, Joshua Tree, and of course, Main Street in Santa Monica.

What do you hope to inspire in people coming into the store to visit, hang out, or shop?

We hope to inspire people to recognize the treasures they already have within themselves and to create their own personal style and home environments that reflect their inner beauty. Blossom offers one-of-a-kind home decor and fashion to inspire people to discover their own home and fashion statements.

Learn more about Blossom Atelier by clicking here!

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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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Stay Informed & Inspired

Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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