Ele Keats Jewelry Store

The storefront of Ele Keats Jewelry on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica offers a glimpse into the designer’s intentions.



When I first walked into Ele Keats Jewelry at Ele’s August grand opening, I immediately felt the sense of intention that this designer and yoga and meditation practitioner creates in the space and in the beautiful and healing objects she curates and designs. When Ele discovered this Montana Avenue location two years ago, she knew it was her dream store.

Interior Ele Keats Jewelry

Ele Keats Jewelry Displays

Fast forward to 2016 when the corner shop became available; Ele moved in and designed the space to highlight the gems and become Ele Keats Jewelry. Fortunately, ample sunlight bathes them in natural light. “We have natural elements and a feeling of floating in the clouds to embody both Heaven and Earth.” Floating shelves, white walls, lucite and steel create this environment, along with ancestral prayers wafting through the air. While the staff treat each customer with love, Ele says her parrotlet Little Blue is one of the most important members of the team. “Birds naturally clear the energy of a space and Little Blue is just a very special and intuitive little bird. She goes with me while I’m sourcing my crystals and has been a key element in helping me choose the stones.”

Ele Keats and her bird

Ele Keats’ bird helps choose energetic stones.

Ele Keats offers everything from fine jewelry (one of her signature pieces is an emerald necklace) including engagement and wedding rings, to pieces inspired by the works of Ele’s teacher Eckhart Tolle, crystals to support sound sleep, and multifaceted natural gems. Everything is ethically sourced and chosen with care. Ele says, “What inspires me now is crystals in their natural form, and being able to highlight their one-of-a-kind beauty in their most organic and fluid form of jewelry. Although much of my jewelry is cut, finished stones with an emphasis on colored stones, I love setting crystals in 18 karat gold and honoring their natural forms.”

Ele Keats Jewelry Design Necklace

Ele Keats hand selects powerful gemstones for gorgeous jewelry.

Surrounded by all the beauty, Ele maintains perspective. “I see myself as a shepherd herding crystals to their proper owners.”

Ele Keats Jewelry
1028 Montana Ave, Santa Monica