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Traveling for Wellness — Great Options for Wellness Travel in 2022

When it comes to wellness travel in 2022, are you looking for the perfect fit? Our partners at the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA) can provide advice on the best destinations for your next getaway.

The Wellness Tourism Association Q & A is a monthly feature that allows WTA members to share their personal best tips, tools and inspiration for wellness living and wellness travel. WTA Members have each met criteria for membership, which is the foundation of bringing standards to the industry as the demand for wellness travel continues to grow. We think you will benefit from their insider tips and advice.


WTA Member Red Mountain Resort

Located in St George, Utah, Red Mountain Resort has a unique relationship with the sacred land. Many of the rooms and villas offer views of the red mountains that give the resort its name. Whole body wellness and fitness programs are available daily, from healing sessions to curated menu items, workshops, retreat experiences, and opportunities for personal discovery. We had a conversation with General Manager Tracey Welsh, about health and wellness at the resort and how she incorporates wellness in her own life.

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Talking with Tracey Welsh: General Manager, Red Mountain Resort

How long have you been with Red Mountain Resort and what do you do with this property?

2022 is my 21st year at Red Mountain, and my responsibilities include planning, marketing, and a little bit of everything else!

There are so many hotels, resorts, retreats and tour operators offering wellness programs and packages – tell us a bit about Red Mountain Resort and what is the main point(s) of distinction?

Red Mountain Resort is in the Greater Zion area of Utah, and beautiful Snow Canyon State Park is in our backyard.  We are a mecca for outdoor recreation, and our point of difference is inspiring wellness through adventures.

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What pandemic-inspired policies and procedures has Red Mountain Resort implemented to keep travelers healthy and safe?

We do ask that guests and team members regardless of vaccination status wear masks when they are in close proximity for significant periods of time, such as spa treatments, transportation and private sessions.  We are servicing guest rooms on request only, and, of course, being extra diligent with regards to sanitation.

What does Red Mountain Resort offer that might attract a customer like the readers of LA Yoga?

Our resort is situation on 55 acres of beautiful red rock desert, lava fields and desert landscape, and when guests arrive, they tell us the stress suddenly melts away! We offer a variety of stay options, from a Stay and Play nightly rate which allows you to craft your own experience, or inclusive retreats offerings three healthy meals, fitness classes, wellness experiences and morning hikes or walks. We are pet friendly, and driveable from Los Angeles. During the winter and summer seasons we welcome families to stay and enjoy the resort and the Greater Zion Area.  During Spring and Fall, we currently limit the resort to guests over the age of 18.

How do you incorporate wellness into your own daily life?

A bit of yoga, plus I paint, and walk my dogs.

What are the top wellness trends you seeing at Red Mountain Resort?   We see the desire to be outdoors and learn more about the desert and our unique geology, experiencing wellness with the entire family, and seeking the wisdom and clarity found in having a spiritual advisor as three top wellness trends.

Do you feel technology is important as it pertains to wellness, and if yes, how and why?  If no, why not?

Absolutely!   I love that I can turn to You Tube in the morning and start with a yoga session, and while it doesn’t compare to the energy and guidance when in a room with others, it allows me to start the day with a great intention.  I can become completely entrenched in my work, and the reminders from my smart watch to stand and breath, are so helpful.  I think there is a balance to be achieved however, as I feel that much of what so many people are describing as anxiety and overwhelm, has been the result of lack of human connection.

Do you and, if yes, how do you incorporate the local community or culture into the programing at Red Mountain Resort?

A great number of our experiences happen in the outdoors – which is our local community!

What is your final note of advice for living your best life?

Humility. Kindness. And Love.

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More on Red Mountain Resort: https://www.redmountainresort.com

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