Soaring Above the Ordinary

If there is one thing Angelenos are always in hot pursuit of, it’s a creative workout. For those who may have tired from endless crunches and arm curls, aerial performer and celebrity trainer Jill Franklin offers an exciting alternative fitness center. Her studio is Aerial Physique. Originally located in Santa Monica, Aerial Physique has moved to an expansive 10,000 square foot space in the LAX area (with free parking). The new location features classes that combine aerial work infused with Pilates and ballet concepts.

The result is a fun way to strengthen upper body and core muscles, while experiencing the rush of a circus performer. Much like inversions in yoga, aerialists reap many benefits of being upside down — increased blood circulation and decompression of the spine. Aerial students also gain quick flexibility and experience better posture. Jill cherishes the inner benefits of her clients just as much as the physical ones. “I love watching the transformation in people during the class,” she says. “They come in timidly and aren’t sure what to expect. Within an hour, I see their faces light up, their fears have been conquered!”

Aerial Physique offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced Silk classes, as well as Aerial Lyra (hoop), private sessions, teacher trainings, and programs for kids and teens. A special introductory class can be booked online for just $30 by visiting

The studio’s website also features an opportunity to order Jill’s book A Beginner’s Guide to Aerial Silk, and the option to subscribe to video tutorials, in order to become more familiar with the practice. Teacher training begins in January 2016.

Aerial Physique Los Angeles

8717 Aviation Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90301


By Kiara Justine Kinghorn, a dance and yoga teacher who digs being upside down.

Studio photos by TC Franklin Photography

Kiara Kinghorn is a cardio-dance enthusiast, writer and editor for LA Yoga Magazine, and manager at The BOD by Kym.