KINRGY Guide Tina Jackson

KINRGY Guide Tina Jackson

Dance with KINRGY Guide Tina Jackson & LA YOGA

Do you love to dance? Are you looking for new and creative ways to practice at home? To sweat? To connect? Or to release? We know that movement helps us to feel more alive, to reduce stress, and to improve our fitness: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? So you may have noticed that the new movement modality KINRGY created by Julianne Hough is offering an uplifting practice we can all do at home. Maybe you’ve been following KINRGY or Julianne Hough. You’ve read the story in LA YOGA and you want more. Get ready for KINRGY Guide Tina Jackson to lead us on a KINRGY session.

Julianne Hough and KINRGY Guide Tina Jackson

KINRGY Guide Tina Jackson with Julianne Hough. Photo by Aaron Brimhall

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Tina is a lifelong dancer whose professional life has brought her in front of the camera in commercials, TV, film, and on stage with renowned artists. She says that leading the transformative practices of KINRGY light her soul on fire. She is passionate about helping people connect mind and body through music, breath, and movement. As a trainer, Tina says that her vision is to create a more unique and holistic approach to creating a person’s dream life. She says, “Fitness is the maintenance to sustain a healthy life.” KINRGY is more than fitness. It is an emotional and empowering exploration allowing dancers to move through the elements. With structure, people can tap into their own authentic self through creative expression.

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