Yoga Angels Teach Hope On The Mat

Getting on a yoga mat represents hope for many, and at the Westwood Salvation Army, the yoga of hope takes on new meaning. The Salvation Army is home for families and people who are transitioning in their lives and coping with challenges including homelessness, living in shelters, rebuilding lives after failed marriages, bringing up children as single mothers and fathers or those who are veterans reintegrating into society.

Regardless of the journey a person has walked before entering the Salvation Army transitional program, it represents a fresh start, hope and stability that can last two years without eviction for those who meet program requirements. The transition is more than simply physical as families move from survival to living through hope and possibilities.

The Yoga Angels teachers volunteer at the Salvation Army to teach yoga to children, youth and families. Through the practice, participants have an opportunity to free themselves of afflictions such as anger, fear and limiting self-perceptions.

Find more information or to get involved by teaching, donating or providing yoga props visit:

By YAP staff