Cultivating Kindness at Yogananda Fest
Paramhansa Yogananda on Practice

Kindness is contagious because we are all influenced by our environment. When we witness kindness, it encourages that kind of feeling our own hearts.

Here are three ways that we can cultivate more kindness in our everyday lives.

  1. “Shoot people with the buckshot of your smiles,” as Paramhansa Yogananda said.
  2. Be the first to smile. From Swami Kriyananda, “Most people want others to be kind to them first. Make it a practice, instead, to be the first to smile, the first to give, the first to show consideration and respect. What does it matter, how they react? Be kind, above all, for your own sake—because it makes you happier.”
  3. Practice every day in family relationships. It’s easy to be kind to strangers. Yogananda said, “When you learn to be courteous to your immediate relatives, you will then be habitually kind to all people.”

Yogananda Fest Poster

Celebrate 100 Years of Yogananda’s Legacy at Yogananda Fest

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