Cael O'Donnell sharing 6 ways your higher self is talking to you

Your Higher Self is Speaking to You

When you observe your own inner dialogue it’s most often in the language of your mother tongue? So if you were raised to speak English, your inner thoughts are in English. If you were raised to speak Spanish, you would have inner dialogue in Spanish (even if you are fluent in English). Cool huh?
But what if there was another language that we could become aware of that could change everything? What if we could become aware of a dialogue occurring beyond us that is solely directed to us?
The good news is that there actually is. At any given moment, we have a direct line to something called the Higher Self which is an incredible compass of guidance and intuitive oversight. It is the very thing that can help us shape our destinies into masterpieces.

What is the Higher Self?

You may have asked yourself, “What is the higher self?” Trust me, it is normal to feel  lost when people reference it. I define the higher self in my book  as the eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being who is one’s real self. It is basically you without your humanness.
Your higher self is the core of you and knows exactly why you’re here on earth and what you’ve come to do.
I liken the higher self to the stage manager of your life.
Your higher self oversees, guides and ushers in change when and where it is needed to spur you on to reach your highest potential and calling.

Here are six common signs that your higher self is talking to you.

1. Song Lyrics

Have you ever listened to a song and felt a deep feeling that it was speaking directly to you?
  • This is often not a coincidence.
  • Our higher self can often cue this kind of messaging which we call external intuition.
  • Take note of the themes of the song as a whole and also the verses that mean the most to you in life right now.
  • Song lyrics are easy for your higher self to use because we are often in direct line of a song whether it’s waiting at a café for our coffee, commuting with the radio on or simply listening to a nice playlist while cleaning.

2. People

Our higher self knows that we are capable of ignoring a lot of our own convictions.
  • Whether it’s because we seek external validation or the possibility that we don’t have enough self-confidence to feel like we can truly steer our life.
  • For that reason, our higher self can use the mouths of other people to drop timely wisdom, encouragement, or even caution so that we will act.
  • We are more likely to pay attention to the thoughts and words of other people and take action before we take our own words to heart.

3. Social Media

One of the smartest ways our higher self can get our undivided attention is where we spend our time.
  • For many, that is endlessly scrolling TikTok or double-tapping on Instagram.
  • If our higher self can send us a message via a creative piece of content, it has done its job.
  • If you keep seeing the same theme, ad, or message; at times that can be our higher self utilizing social media to cue something tailored just for us.

4. Inner Dialogue


  • It may not be evidently obvious when you first start out realizing how your higher self is talking to you, but as you gain confidence and trust, you will begin to differentiate between your own internal thoughts and the direct stream of guidance stemming from your higher self.
One way you can feel more confident in this style of communication is by meditating regularly.
  • Through meditating regularly, you can calm your mind and be more comfortable and familiar with your own dialogue.
  • By becoming more aware of the conversation, you can recognize when there are any minor changes to what is occurring internally.
  • (These new thoughts may likely be message downloads from your higher self.)

5. Dreams

  • What better way for our higher self to send us messages than when we are laying down and comatose? This is a common time for our higher self to capture our attention with a message.
  • However, it can be confusing when you awake from dreams that are inspired by your higher self. At times, these dreams can be abstract. They might require you to link together a series of dreams you’ve had rather than looking for the message from just one night’s worth of dreams.
  • When you wake from your sleep and feel rested but still have a niggling curiosity about the meaning of a dream, this curiosity is often your higher self prompting you to dig a bit deeper.

6. Advertisements

  • The advertisements that we see on a daily basis are something that can commonly vie for our attention.
  • Let’s say you’re commuting from work to home and you see a real estate agency advertisement on a billboard on the freeway. The bold text reads,  “Are you ready to move?
  • This could be a little nudge from your higher self to consider a move in your home, career, or life in general.
  • In those moments when advertisements seem too personal, they just might be. Check in with your higher self and ask for clarification or a second sign. (Most likely, that sign will show up immediately.)

Notice the Signs the Higher Self Shares

It might take a little bit of practice to flip into being more aware of these signs.
It’s not necessarily natural to take practical cues from our external world. This is the very language of how our higher self speaks to us. It is not obtrusive but is far more practical and ‘on the nose’ than we might think.
Looking to go deeper and discover more about the higher self in less than three minutes a day? My debut book ‘Three Minutes with Spirit’ is available on my website.

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Stay Informed & Inspired

Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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