Fitness Fashion Trend: Halter Bra

Since I’m a ballet dancer, I include cross training routines that give me power in my legs.
Some of my favorite workouts are spinning, walking, elliptical, Pilates, and core strengthening exercises.

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Fitness Fashion Trend: Geometric Prints

Yoga is always good after a long day of ballet rehearsals to stretch and repair my body.

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Fitness Fashion Trend: Jumpsuits

My yoga practice is one of the most important ways that I can clear my mind.

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Fitness Fashion Trend: Neon

The end result of my workout is always the ballet performance. I’m motivated by my commitment to being a dancer.

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Fitness Fashion Trend: Tracksuits

Cardio is moving meditation for me.

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Fitness Fashion Trend: Warrior Goddess

Everything in my workout is in service to the ballet performance. My role models are some professional ballerinas. They’re some of the physically strongest people.

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  • Mesh tank and yoga shorts from the warrior collection by Nuyu
  • Necklace by Gogh Jewelry
  • YogaPaws elite gloves by YogaPaws