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Photo by David Young-Wolff. Yoga Block by Yoga Hustle. Clothing by Iron Lily. Bracelet by Love Pray Jewelry

Yoga blocks can be an essential prop for making practice both comfortable and challenging.
Here are 7 reasons to use yoga blocks and some suggestions for blocks you can buy.


Yoga blocks serve to ‘lift the floor’ to the student; poses assisted with this prop are more accessible for everyone from beginner to experienced yogis.

Maintaining Integrity

Often, when we are intent on touching the floor in poses like pyramid, we end up sacrificing safety and alignment to get there, which means we lose the integrity of the posture. Placing a block to lift the floor changes this dynamic so we can maintain our internal and external focus.

Creating Space

Using a block reduces unhealthy compression and helps us generate the space we need to move in a pose such as twisted triangle. Using more than one block can also reduce the collapse in poses like seated forward folds.


In a pose such as supported bridge with a block, the prop provides gentle traction for areas of the body that can feel collapsed or congested. Exploring placement of the block or blocks allows us the freedom to find the sweet spot.

Providing Support

Restorative or restorative-inspired practices give us opportunity to use props to literally support the body, so we feel nurtured by the pose as we surrender into the release.

Sensory Feedback

Since a block can be used at different heights, it allows us to receive sensory feedback. This is especially important when we work with different versions of a pose, as we progress or deepen into a pose, or when we practice with a changing or healing body. The sensory message helps us to connect to our body in the moment, and even helps us learn to make appropriate adjustments.

In Conclusion: Blocks are for Everyone

No matter what our range of motion, flexibilities, or challenges, a block can make a pose more accessible, powerful and enjoyable, as well as provide opportunities to cultivate joint stabilization and muscle memory.

Bloc Sac yoga Block group image

Photo Courtesy of Yoga Bloc

Yoga Block Recommendations

As a utilitarian prop, the ubiquitous yoga block has taken on a variety of new forms over the past few decades. It is useful for practices that range from active to restorative. Companies have produced options in a number of shapes and sizes made from a wide range of materials. These include wood, cork, and foam. They are thin or thick, with different widths, hollow or solid, and are increasingly made from recycled materials. Here is a selection of innovative and modern yoga blocks.

Yoga Outlet Spiral Edge Yoga Block

Yoga Outlet

Everyday Yoga Blocks 3” and 4” thick Foam Yoga Blocks in many colors. $11-12.
Currently on sale for $5.98-8.98.
For more information visit:

Jade Yoga Blocks

Jade Yoga

Jade Cork Blocks
The material for Jade Cork Yoga Blocks is made from sustainably harvested cork from Portugal. $14.95. Learn more at:

OPTP Performance Block yoga block


OPTP Performance Block
The dip in the center design of this foam brick offers multiple options for use in functional fitness, yoga, Pilates, and more. $35.95
OPTP Posture Brick
Three sizes of a foam brick have a slight contour around the edges for grip. $14.65-26.20

OPTP performance wedges yoga block
OPTP Performance Wedges
An ergonomic shape allows for use in a variety of poses. $32.95
Learn more at:

Manduka Yoga Block


Cork Yoga Block $20
Recycled Foam Yoga Block in 5 different solid and three-color blends $16-18 (3 colors vs 1 color)

Manduka Unblock Yoga Block
Manduka Unblock Recycled Foam Yoga Block
The rounded curve of one of the edges offers a surface area with an alternative grip. $24
Learn more at:

Yoga Rat Yoga Blocks

Yoga Rat

Foam Yoga Blocks
These lightweight props are priced in 2-block sets for easy shopping. $25
Learn more at:

Hugger Mugger Wood Yoga Block

Hugger Mugger Yoga Products

The variety of weights and materials meet the needs of different practices.
Eco Wood Block
The 3.5” thickness is made of Baltic Birch with a hollow core. $34.95
Eco Bamboo Block
Fast-growing bamboo provides the outer core for this hollow 4” block. $24.95
Cork Yoga Block $19.95
Recycled Foam Yoga Block $16.95
Foam Yoga Block in Sizes from 3-5” $11.95-21.95
Learn more at:

 Chip Foam Yoga Block with Cover

Half Moon

Chip Foam Yoga Block
The dense foam blocks are fabricated from offcuts and chips. Their ability to stack and arrange in different configurations makes them versatile. $16

Chip Foam Yoga Block

Chip Foam Block Cover
Choose a cover specifically made to fit and extend the life of the foam block. $22
Foam and Block Together $34

Foam Yoga Blocks 3” and 4” thicknesses available in a variety of colors. $10.50-18
Learn more at:

Yoga Block Yoga Pose

Photo by David Young-Wolff. Yoga Block by Yoga Hustle. Clothing by Iron Lily

Yoga Hustle

Printed Foam Yoga Blocks
The special feature of these high density blocks is their playful prints and patterns. $24
Learn more at:

Infinity BRIK Yoga Block

Infinity Strap BRIK

Cork BRIK: The multiple surfaces and edges of this uniquely shaped block offer many height and grip options. $29
Learn more at:

3 Minute Egg

Three Minute Egg

Designed to conform to the shape of the body, the Three Minute Egg is not a block. Available in a range of colors, sizes, and foam densities for every body. Range of prices. Learn more at:

Cover Your Block!

Bloc Soc Yoga Block


Keep Your Block Clean! BlocSoc offers a fully-washable, portable yoga block cover. $20
Learn more at:


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