Crown Chakra Aromatherapy Meditation

Seventh Chakra Practices to Develop Mental Clarity

Yoga, meditation, and polarity exercises combined with aromatherapy can help us integrate mind, body, and spirit while promoting mental clarity and simultaneously releasing stress and angst. The language of the chakra system offers a vocabulary to help us navigate this process.

The Chakra System

The chakra system is composed of seven primary energy centers that are located along the midline of the spinal column. Each chakra, or wheel of energy, generates, assimilates, and expresses the life force known as prana. Prana is often translated to mean breath, and this energy is carried on our breath.

Each of these energy centers correlates to a specific emotion and element. Starting at the base of the spine, the root chakra is the most earth-bound. The crown chakra is the most ethereal.

The crown is the seventh chakra. In Sanskrit its name is Sahasrara, which is a thousand-petal lotus. Its energies connect us to inner peace, joy, and enlightenment.

Through dedicated practice, we can allow the true nature of the thousand-petal lotus to blossom in a state of divine transcendence.

“The true nature of the seventh Chakra is beyond human comprehension. No words can do it justice. When our crown chakra is cleansed and open we experience divine union and cosmic love, stretching out forever.” -Gary Z McGee

Balance and the Crown Chakra for Mental Clarity

When the crown chakra is over-activated, we may express our tendency to be hyper-intellectualized. We may feel confused, or even disconnected from our bodies. On the other end of the spectrum, an under-active crown chakra can increase our feelings of spiritual cynicism, or exacerbate learning difficulties, apathy, or materialism. When we are disconnected here, we may have trouble even wanting to be on Earth.

The qualities of the crown chakra in a state of balance can include feeling connected to the universal consciousness and trusting your role in the bigger scheme of the universe.

Cultivate the highest potential of the crown chakra through a combination of therapeutic grade essential oils, yoga, polarity therapy, meditation, and affirmation.

Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Mental Clarity

Essential Oils to Enhance Mental Clarity and the Crown Chakra

  • Frankincense: Grounding, while simultaneously encouraging a more elevated mindset.
  • Lavender: Calming and soothing. Promotes new perspectives.
  • Petigrain: Uplifts and refreshes, reduces mental fatigue. Traditionally used to improve memory.
  • Vetiver: Grounding, stabilizing, calming and relaxing. Known as a circulatory stimulant.

Place a drop or two of the essential oil on your left palm, gently rub your palms together three times and bring them close to your nose creating a scent tent. Deeply inhale the aroma and imagine that the molecules penetrate your brain, your lungs, and your entire being.

Meditations and Affirmations for Mental Clarity and the Crown Chakra

I now clear away all foreign energy from my crown area. I reclaim this sacred place and invite the Light of my higher Self to shine here and now. In this moment, I establish a center of awareness and ask that my soul be there in its shining radiance. Here and now, I allow the three-fold being-ness – that of the body, the mind, and the spirit – to come into balance. I am Spirit. I am the living energy that flows through my mind and body, cognizant of Divine Will. In this meditation, I invoke the quiet joy of knowing my Self. I am Light, Love, and Power!

As you state the affirmation, bring your attention to your breath. As you deepen your breath, feel the presence of the positive words, the energy of the essential oils, and the intuition and insight of the crown chakra throughout your entire body. Feel the effect of its wordless will. Release your ambitions and desires, knowing they will be manifested according to your spiritual will. Relax and smile.

Crown Chakra Aromatherapy Tratak Candle Meditation

Photo of Grace Flowers by David Young-Wolff. Clothing by Silly Yogi

Tratak: The Meditation of Sight and Insight

Meditation while gently gazing at a candle flame is a practice that develops inner knowing. As you practice, try to maintain focus on the flame itself, rather than the candle or wick. Do this as long as possible without blinking. If thoughts come up, become aware of them and then let them go. Continue to observe the flame until you cannot keep your eyes open. You may experience tears flowing; when this happens, shut your eyes.

When you close the eyes, you may see an after-image of the flame. As the impression of the candle begins to fade away completely, bring your awareness back to your breath. Begin to watch the flow of breath for about seven to eight breaths, then open your eyes and repeat one more time.

Yoga Asanas for Mental Clarity

Crown Chakra Aromatherapy Supported Yoga Pose

Photo of Grace Flowers by David Young-Wolff. Clothing by Silly Yogi

Viparita Karani: Legs Up the Wall

In this pose, if you are flexible enough, the floor of the pelvis and the back of the thighs can be directly against the wall. If this does not work for your body, move your upper body slightly away from the wall.

Some of the benefits of this inversion include mental clarity, refreshed thinking, easing of headaches, and even reduction of jet lag. This inversion should not be done if you have glaucoma or hypertension.

Crown Chakra Aromatherapy Savasana Relaxation Pose

Photo of Grace Flowers by David Young-Wolff. Grace is wearing clothing by Silly Yogi.

Savasana: Relaxation Pose

Sit on the floor with legs together and parallel. Press the legs into the ground and extend through the heels. Lower the back body onto the ground, pressing the elbows into the mat while moving the shoulder blades downward. Tuck in the buttocks and push through the heels, allowing the feet to drop away from each other. Extend the arms, with palms facing up. Allow your body to drop in, relaxing the eyes, face, and jaw.?The benefits of savasana include relief from insomnia and headaches, improved concentration and memory, and reduced nervous tension. It may also promote focus and clear headedness.

The crown chakra is the point of connection between our physical and spiritual bodies. Maintaining this connection through our practice helps us remember the essence of who we are. It keeps us grounded in our purpose and allows us to tap into our intuition, our insight, and our resilience.


  • *Gary Z McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide-awake view of the modern world.
  • Clothing by Silly Yogi (
  • Grace Flowers teaches Yoga at Mandala ( in Santa Monica:
  • Hair and makeup by Tracey Giovanelli

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