Heart Chakra Aromatherapy

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The Fourth Chakra: Lighten Up and Feel Joy

With Essential Oils, Yoga, Polarity Therapy, Meditation & Affirmation for Heart Chakra Aromatherapy

The heart is our point of internal connection. The relationships to ourselves and to others originate from the heart. We often speak about the energy of the heart. This shows up in words or phrases such as having a “heartfelt feeling” or being “heartbroken.” When we are being authentic, we are speaking “from the heart.” One of the body’s energy centers, the fourth chakra, is located in the area around the heart. To strengthen this aspect of our energetic system, we can use heart chakra aromatherapy combined with postures, meditations, and affirmations.

Connect to the Heart through the Fourth Chakra

The Sanskrit name of the fourth chakra is anahata. This means “unstruck or unhurt.” The name refers to the fact that even though we feel fluctuating emotions, our core essence is unchanged. This energetic vortex is connected to the air element. The air element is related to life-force (prana) and breath. Just as our heartbeat is in constant motion, the subtle energy of the anahata chakra can be imagined like the wind. It is flowing and in motion.

Getting in touch with your heart chakra may require you to lighten up! Imagine flying through the air like a bird when it playfully changes direction, or having the childlike pleasure of wanting to do everything at once.
As Franklyn Sills, author of The Polarity Process, Energy in the Healing Arts writes, “To get in touch with the air element, we can look to nature. When the wind is moving in a steady balanced way, not too strong, and not erratic, a feeling of freshness can be found.”

The air element also relates to the mental realms and how we think and communicate those thoughts. When the energy of the heart chakra is balanced, it is easier for us to relate to others, to carry on social banter, and to even tell jokes; the air element influences our wit, and our ability to communicate effectively through talking, singing and writing.

If you are already familiar with the chakras, you may be asking, “How is this different from the throat chakra?” In this body/mind/spirit energy system, there is interaction and overlap of the functions of the chakras as they work together with the elements. The air element influences our thoughts and mental processes, and assists the movement of the expression that may come through the throat chakra via speaking and singing.

How Aromatherapy Works

Since most matters of the heart, such as love, forgiveness, compassion, and understanding, have emotional components, using essential oils may have a positive affect on how we are feeling. Why? Because the part of the brain that processes the sense of smell (the olfactory system) is part of the limbic system. Specifically it is part of the amygdala, where our emotional memory is stored. In other words, smelling various scents can illicit different memories, emotions or urges.

Essential Oils to Harmonize the Heart Chakra Aromatherapy

  • Roman chamomile: Warm and floral, creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere.
  • Lavender: Fresh and floral, calming and cleansing. The botanical name, Lavendula, is derived from the Latin word “lavare” meaning “to wash.”
  • Marjoram: A powerful antioxidant that helps reduce stress and agitation.
  • Jasmine: Sweet, floral, pleasant, uplifting, and inspiring.
  • Rose: Creates an inspiring atmosphere and elevated spiritual experiences, encourages feelings of positive self-reflection, and is uplifting.

Exercises to Cultivate Joy

Try these Polarity Exercises combined with the oils, meditation, and affirmations when you need to shift your state of being to feel more joyful, strengthen relationships with loved ones, be playfully inspired, or communicate your heartfelt desires.


Place a drop or two of any essential oil on your left palm and gently rub your hands together. Bring your palms toward your nose, creating a scent tent and gently inhale for 5 to 10 breaths.

Polarity Airplane Exercise

Before starting this exercise, think about a heart-related issue that you would like to bring healing to as a means of setting an intention for the practice. Find a focal point to look at and allow yourself to settle and relax with the intention in mind. With your feet together, stand tall and extend your arms wide out to your sides like airplane wings with palms facing down.

As you inhale three times quickly through the nose, cross your right arm under your left arm at chest level, matching each inhalation with your arm movements. Then bring the arms back out to your sides while rising high up onto the toes as you exhale with a loud and sharp “HA!” Repeat all steps 10 times.

After the sequence, take some time in stillness and silence with your hands in the Heart Chakra Mudra and observe any physical sensations.

Heart Chakra Mudra

While seated or kneeling, rest your left hand on your left knee. Place the right hand over your heart area, while touching index finger to thumb with the middle, ring and pinky fingers gently extended. Close your eyes and notice any thoughts and feelings.

Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Meditation & Affirmation

I release feelings and mental pictures that are unlike the loving Spirit of my Self. I sweep clean the foundation of my inner temple and wash it with the Light of Truth.

(Breathe!) I release all my beloveds with a blessing. I guard the central altar of my temple from outside influence, receiving only the impulses of my spiritual mind consciousness. The cords of love connecting me with others release with ease. They can come and go with increasing awareness of their nature and intent. My heart is a safe, calm and clear space. I can go to this space receive the Light of my Truth. In this Light, I have compassion for myself and for all beings. I feel the growing sense of oneness with my higher Self and love that I am.

(Breathe in fresh energy and imagine flooding your chest area with your favorite shade of green.)

When we are open in our heart space, we are more willing to embrace what is so in our lives. An open heart leads to love and appreciation. When we are connected to our heart center, our life can unfold effortlessly.

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