Our second chakra is connected elementally and energetically to the water element. In the body, the water element governs our creativity, sensual and sexual energies, desire, and our emotional connection to others as well as our ability to “go with the flow” in our lives.

Our second chakra is connected elementally and energetically to the water element.

Water influences our ability to nurture ourselves and experience pleasure.  If we are deficient in the water element, we may feel emotionally detached or deny ourselves pleasure.
The physical location of the second chakra is around the area of the belly button and just below. Its area of influence includes the lower back and pelvic regions.
According to Dr. Stone’s Polarity Therapy model, this influence extends to the breasts, feet, and the reproductive and lymphatic systems.
The essential oils I recommend for facilitating balance via aromatherapy in the water element include grapefruit, jasmine, rose, and a blend of ylang ylang and orange. Grapefruit may help release excess water retention in our system; jasmine, rose and ylang ylang may help elicit romantic feelings and the citrus oils can be refreshing and uplifting.
If you feel tight in the hips, have lower back issues, feel emotionally overloaded or disconnected, try some of these simple exercises combined with the essential oils.

How to Prep for Second Chakra Aromatherapy

Apply a drop of one of the suggested oils onto the palm of your left hand, gently rub your hands together and cup your hand creating a “scent tent” over your nose. Deeply inhale and exhale for five breaths.
Take a moment to notice how the aroma affects your state of being in your mind and your emotions.
Our olfactory bulb (the part of our brain that processes scent) is one of the structures within the limbic system that modulates emotional memories. You may have noticed that memories, including emotional recall, can be triggered by our sense of smell. Working with essential oils for healing emotional issues can be extremely effective.
If you have been harboring a past hurt or resentment towards someone, or an emotional charge, first take time to acknowledge that person (even if they are no longer alive) or event. Then, with the assistance of essential oils and intentional movement, choose to shift your thoughts.
As you inhale the scent, increase the depth of your breath. As you exhale, become aware of how deeply you can release your breath, pausing for a moment before your next breath. Repeat this for six to ten breaths. Try this breath practice before movement.

Polarity Yoga Practices for the Second Chakra

Polarity Rowing

One of my favorite water element Polarity Yoga exercises is Rowing. It helps move the second chakra energy and may also provoke a child-like and playful response. Bringing amusement to places that have been feeling stuck or challenged can benefit us during any healing process!
While seated on the floor or a mat, bend your knees slightly. Reach towards your toes, placing your hands over the tops of your toes, and hold the balls of your feet. Flex your feet towards your knees as you inhale.
On your exhalation, push your feet forward as though you are stepping on the gas in your car, while keeping your toes flexed and your head forward.
Pump the feet back and forth in this pattern for one to two minutes. This movement may help release tension in the sacrum, hips, and lower abdomen.

Cat/Cow Preparation

Begin in table pose on your hands and knees with your wrists directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips. Point your fingertips to the top of your mat. Soften your gaze with your head centered in a neutral position.

Cow Pose

Inhale as you drop your belly towards the mat. Lift your chin and chest and gaze up.

Cat Pose

As you exhale, draw your belly to your spine and round your back toward the ceiling.
The pose may look like a typical Halloween cat stretching its back.
Release the crown of your head toward the floor without forcing your chin to your chest. Inhale, return to cow pose and exhale back to cat pose.
Repeat 5-20 times, and then rest.

Meditation & Affirmation

Say this Affirmation to Yourself:
I am aware that my body responds to my thoughts, reactions, and images of what is. I recognize old pictures, let them go, and return to present time. (Breathe!)
In this moment it is possible to feel good about myself. As my emotions change, I flow with conscious awareness of their levels within me. I enjoy describing and expressing my feelings as validations of my humanness.
As my body becomes tuned with the present, I regain the ability to feel what is in harmony with my well-being and what is not.
I honor the sexuality of my body and intend to use its power in honor of life and Spirit. I now release compulsive urges that would injure, knowing that my Spirit fulfills all my needs in a good way. I flow with feelings!
As you repeat the affirmation, focus on the breath to create fresh energy through the abdominal area. Imagine filling this area with the color orange. Orange has a warm and relaxing quality and is the color of the second chakra.

Practice Often to Tap Into the Second Chakra

When you need to find more flow, or if you feel challenged by the need to relate emotionally, try combining these energy exercises or yoga asanas in tandem with their recommended essential oils and affirmations.
They have helped me and many of my clients and students shift from feeling stuck, disconnected, and depressed to being more open, connected, loving, and peaceful.

  • Photos by David Young-Wolff
  • Poses modeled by Grace Flowers
  • All clothing by Silly Yogi
  • Hair and makeup by Tracey Giovanelli


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