Sixth Chakra Aromatherapy Pose.

Grace Flowers is wearing clothing by Silly Yogi. Photo by David Young-Wolff.

Sixth Chakra Aromatherapy Practices Help Us Stay Grounded in Turbulent Times

Just as the tempestuous winds and rains of a storm incite upheaval and destruction in nature, the elements of stress, trauma, loss, and grief can create turbulence and discord in our everyday lives. We can utilize all remedies available to us, including aromatherapy, to support and strengthen the energy of the chakras when this happens. When we need to stay grounded, we can utilize practices like sixth chakra aromatherapy to help us cultivate this strength.

To hold steady in the midst of chaos is to reside in the eye of the storm. The ability to keep oneself centered and grounded is the power of the sixth chakra when it is balanced. Our sixth chakra, or third eye, is known in Sanskrit as Ajna. The sixth chakra is located on the forehead between the eyebrows.

Since this chakra is also known as the third eye, it is associated with light and seeing. We associate sight both with what is physically visible and that which is not. The sixth chakra is the site of our psychic connections, clairvoyance, divine thought, and intuition. Our sixth chakra also supports the ability of our imaginations to dream and visualize.

Through the practices of meditation, pranayama, and yoga we are able to tap into the essence of this energy center. Our practices give us the ability to create more peace and calm in our lives.

By combining the following exercises with specific therapeutic essential oils, we can balance the energy of our sixth chakra. These practices further support and enhance our meditation and yoga.

Sixth Chakra Aromatherapy

Photo of Grace Flowers by David Young-Wolff. Grace is wearing clothing by Silly Yogi.

The Healing Power of Essential Oils

Pure essential oils (free of synthetic fillers) contain high amounts of oxygenating molecules and can have calming and clearing effects on our mind and emotions. Smell or olfaction is our most primal sense. As an essential oil is inhaled, the aromatic molecules instantaneously fill the nasal passages and olfactory bulb. The olfactory system is connected to the structures of the limbic region at the center of the brain. These include regions such as the amygdala, which is involved in our emotional modulation.

The limbic system is also  involved in regulating memory, creativity, motivation, and the autonomic nervous system. A unique and amazing characteristic of essential oil molecules is that they have the ability to bypass the cerebral cortex, which is the “thinking” part of the brain. They can give us direct access to our feelings and higher self that exists beyond the intellectual realm.

Sixth Chakra Aromatherapy Essential Oils

sixth chakra aromatherapy essential oils


Its warm, sweet, balsamic aroma is spiritually elevating and meditative. The energy of frankincense adapts to a person’s spiritual state of being. This oil can induce feelings of emotional stability, enlightenment, and inspiration.


This flowery, sweet, green, and soft scent encourages solace and steadiness and fosters a sense of peace and well-being.


The warm, rich, and woody aroma of this tree’s oil encourages insightfulness, wisdom, and unity.

sixth chakra aromatherapy pose

Grace Flowers wearing clothing by Silly Yogi. Photo by David Young-Wolff.

Palming the Eyes

Choose a seated or supine position. Rub your hands together for 15-20 seconds, warming your palms, and then rest your palms on your closed eyes. Take 3-5 minutes to enjoy the stillness.

Notice what you see with closed eyes: Do you notice any shapes, shadows, lights, patterns, or colors?

IMPORTANT: When palming or using any other essential oil techniques, make sure to avoid placing oils directly in the eyes.

sixth chakra aromatherapy

Grace Flowers in Child’s Pose. Clothing by Silly Yogi. Photo by David Young-Wolff.

Child’s Pose (Balasana) with Sixth Chakra Aromatherapy

Before entering into this pose, place a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on a cotton pad or a tissue and set on the mat, approximately where your nostrils will be in child’s pose.
Begin in table top pose with the tops of your feet on the floor. Allow the buttocks to settle toward the heels and the torso to rest on the thighs. If it is comfortable, lay your arms by your sides. Rest your forehead on the ground or on a prop, such as a block or small bolster. Relax your shoulders away and down from the ears and reach your hands gently backwards with palms up.

Sense the contact of the third eye with the earth and allow your deepest wisdom to emerge.

Rest and restore while breathing in the aroma of the essential oil. Feel your brain relax as you soften your thoughts.

sixth chakra aromatherapy

Grace Flowers wearing clothing by Silly Yogi. Photo by David Young-Wolff.

Meditation and Affirmation to Balance the Sixth Chakra

I now release the build-up of old pictures and clear away the smog of small mind. I cleanse the inner screens of my visual center and start fresh with my focus on a symbol of unity. The pictures I create and energize are blessed by the knowing of my being-ness of my Spirit. I destroy images that are unworthy of my creative purpose. I am patient with myself and with the manifestation of my ideas. My use of my creative mind is in harmony with my purpose for existence. I am a seer.

While repeating the affirmation, imagine breathing in the image of a deep, dark blue (the color indigo) around your closed eyes.

Take a Time Out–Sixth Chakra Aromatherapy

When you have difficulty concentrating or visualizing, have poor memory, are challenged with brain fog, or just need a new perspective, give yourself permission to take a time out. Reclaim the center of your head and your sixth chakra with these simple practices. Take just a few moments for yourself. You can create a shift that does wonders for your body, mind and spirit.


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