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A Yoga Practitioner’s Gift Guide for the Holidays and Beyond

Whether you’re looking to gift your favorite yoga enthusiast with an item for everyday convenience, something to enhance a green lifestyle, a unique treasure, or even an exotic getaway, check out these finds.


Skin Care Items Confident Skin Sourced within

Confident Skin Sourced Within

Plant-based skincare & wellness for all ages created by our family for yours! Vegan•Organic•Cruelty-free•Gluten-free •Ethically sourced & bottled in glass, not plastic/ Our skin is our largest organ and we absorb the products we put on our body; so they should not only be safe, they should be supportive of ideal skin and whole person health. Whether your goal is to reverse sun damage, reduce eczema, or start your kids off with a routine they can trust, our products are nourish your skin at every age. Sourced from the highest quality organic herbs in Greece and formulated in San Diego by mother of 3 and Naturopathic Doctor, Natiya Guin. Entire website 15% off with code: healthyholidays


Sunrider International Kandesn Pure Gift Set

Harnesses the power and purity of nature’s best botanicals to reveal simply beautiful results. Their premium vegan skincare is handcrafted with precious herbal oils, extracts, and essences proven to nourish, cleanse, and balance your skin. Kandesn Pure provides a simple 4-step regimen to Detoxify, Purify, Refresh, and Quench skin to reveal its natural, healthy radiance. $155.41



Benedetta Skin Care Duo

Benedetta Skin Care: The Divine Duo

Consciously formulated with reverence and respect for the intended user. The Divine Duo is the most luxurious gift for both him and her! Divine Hydrosol & Oil Duo: 100% Botanical using all Certified Organic* & Biodynamic** ingredients, a cornerstone of Benedetta’s Farm-Sourced® ethic since 1996. A euphoric blend in both Hydrosol & Oil encompasses: Rose*• Sandalwood*[reforested]• Jasmin**• Jojoba* • Marula* & more* ** Benedetta has pioneered clean skin care starting in 1986 with the 1st of its kind Crystal Radiance Elixirs and launching a full facial and body care line 10 years later. Receive 20% OFF using promo code: Divine20.




Person Holding Roll Up and Carry Yoga Mat


Roll Up & Carry Yoga Mat Carrier

These days, we’re bringing our own mat to yoga classes outdoors or even to the studio to comply with the latest health and safety recommendations while trying to stay dedicated to our yoga practice. When you need to BYOM to class this new, advanced design make it a breeze.

Yoga student and architect Emi Shiga designed and developed her perfect solution, a sling that is elegant, affordable, and actually works! The solution is the Roll Up and Carry Yoga Mat Carrier. She sells it through her creative online store: Archi-Select. It is rapidly becoming a go-to solution for yogis on the go!

Her story illustrates just how necessity inspires invention and how our skillset in one area of our live can apply to both our profession and our passion. She created the Roll Up and Carry to be able to be able to easily carry her drawings over her shoulder….and have both hands free to carry a cup of coffee, reach for subway fare, or just feel more mobile.



Trauma-Informed Yoga Affirmation Card Deck

Supportive and compassionate guidance for survivors of sexual assault can be found in this beautiful deck of affirmation cards that acts as a companion to Zahabiyah A. Yamasaki’s Trauma-Informed Yoga for Survivors of Sexual Assault. The deck also may be used on its own for relaxation and healing.

Trauma-informed yoga practices are coupled with each affirmation to foster a holistic healing process for survivors. Unique full-color art illustrates the pose and affirmation on each card, which may also be used outside of yoga for inspiration.

This affirmation deck also provides a powerful resource for yoga instructors, mental health professionals, educators, and other healing professionals who are looking for guidance on trauma-informed yoga practices to share with survivors in classes, workshops, and clinical practice.



online longevity therapy training


The Brain Longevity® Therapy Training

This holiday season, give the gift of education, knowledge and empowerment!
The Brain Longevity® Therapy Training is the state-of-the-art certification curriculum to learn about creating optimum mental function and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
Join this dynamic community of yoga teachers dedicated to making a difference in their community by teaching this research-based program on yoga and integrative medicine for brain health and healthy aging.


Buddha Pants for Gift Guide

Buddha Pants

There are comfortable pants, and then there are pants that feel like a magical breezy soft hug for your legs that you never want to take off…and those would be Buddha Pants!

Not only are they the most comfy pantaloons you’ll ever have the honor of wearing, they are the epitome of portability because get this, they fold themselves into their own pocket! Perfect for a suitcase, gym bag, last minute yoga sesh…Buddha Pants are cozy, convenient and made for everyone!

Beyond the classic Harem style pants that provide maneuverability and pure comfort, Buddha Pants also offer joggers, flap pants, jumpsuits and more! Women, men and kids can choose from dozens of darling colors and prints – after all, there is a reason they have over 60,000 loyal and happy customers.



OMG Skin Serum Gift Guide

Seriously, OMG | antiaging skin resuscitating serum!

Perfect for dehydrated and mature skin conditions, o.m.g. + anti-aging skin resuscitating serum packs a powerful blend of antioxidants including, Green Tea and Astaxanthin to protect the skin from free radical damage.

Formulated with a powerful ingredient derived from yeast, called Epidermal Growth Factor. E.G.F. is well known to play an important role in minimizing the effects of fine lines, improving the existing quality and overall appearance of the skin.

Echinacea Stem Cells, helps to lessen dark eye circles, and brightens up the skin. Squalene keeps your skin feeling soft and super hydrated.

The result is gorgeous, hydrated, glowing skin ensuring you step out this holiday in newfound confidence and a sinfully sexy complexion.




Inner Reflections Self-Realization Fellowship 2022 Calendar

Inner Reflections 2022 Engagement Calendar

A simple yet elegant gift that lasts all year! This award-winning desk calendar celebrates the divine beauty found in nature. Fifty-three photos are artfully matched with inspiring insights from the writings of yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, offering a stunning selection of truly awesome photography from some of the world’s top nature photographers. The dazzling images alone make this calendar a wonderful gift! With travel options still limited, the beautiful pages of this calendar provide an uplifting personal getaway and mini-retreat.



Stay Informed & Inspired

Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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Stay Informed & Inspired

Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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