Peace Love and Misunderstanding

  When we think of Woodstock, we think of ’60s counterculture festivals and a free-spirited vibe. According to the upcoming feature film Peace, Love and Misunderstanding, not much has changed with the Woodstock of today. The town itself ends up playing a role as a character in the film, inspiring transformation among members of one [...]

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Comedy Benefits Yoga-Based Activism

As yoga becomes more mainstream by the day, partnerships between charitable organizations and Yoga-driven endeavors raise funds and consciousness, even with humor. On November 16, the newly formed organization, Transforming the World Through Comedy, will launch a multiplatform global event to raise funds through comedy performances. This year’s catalytic philanthropy partner is the yogi-founded charity [...]

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Arm and Arm

They say follow your bliss but I say follow your pain. Because I’m starting to notice that when I follow my pain, then my bliss follows me. This happened recently with my arm pain. The pain had become so bad that at the end of class, sitting in final cross-legged position, instead of [...]

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Teacher Profile: Beth Lapides

100% Happy 88% Of The Time…And In The Moment The first time I encountered Beth Lapides, she was accepting an award for her work as a comedian, teacher, entertainer, speaker, and collaborative force in creating funny, smart, and dare we say uplifting storytelling through the popular and groundbreaking Un-Cabaret series. And in that meeting, I [...]

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Beth Lapides’ 100% Happy 88% Of The Time

Community : Seen & Heard Cha-Ching: Swapping The Mind For A Song Wednesdays Through December 15! Having been hit hard on the head by the Woo Woo Fairy’s weighty wand early on (at birth), I’m already a member of the striving-towards-awakening choir to which Beth Lapides is not really ever preachin’ in her frolicking [...]

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A More Perfect Yoga

One of my teachers describes the ultimate expression of a pose to his mostly beginning students with the phrase: In a perfect Yoga world. For instance he might say: In a perfect Yoga world, your head would meet your foot. On good days In a perfect Yoga world helps me see how even [...]

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To See Or Not to See

Not being an actress, model or wannabe of any kind, I don’t think my eye pillow would mind if I tell you it is old. Fortunately, its dark purple color camouflages nine years of eyeliner residue. (Yes, I’m one of those girls who wears makeup to Yoga). And nine years, is by the way, like [...]

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Either Orb

A Family Photo Album Sometimes you're born into a family, sometimes you marry into one and sometimes you find your family in a room filled with sweaty headstanders. But whether you are bound by blood, love or belief, family means family photos. Usually the family comes first. But recently I discovered a part [...]

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My Other Car Is A Yoga Mat: The Mistress Cleanse

One day I walked into class and noticed that since I had seen my teacher last, like two days ago, he’d changed. Good-bye robust athletic yogi, hello rock star. Not the junkie kind either. The thin, trim, spry, stage-roaming, glowing kind. After class, when I asked him what his secret was, he revealed [...]

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My Other Car Is A Yoga mat: State Of The Union

The other day Greg and I were stuck in some mood-ruining slow-and-go traffic. Instead of picking a fight we picked a mantra (sacred syllable) and started chanting. Somewhere between the opening om and the closing swaha, the air cleared and we were in it together again. And that’s when I remembered the billboard. [...]

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