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YOGA: The Art of Transformation Exhibit Review


YOGA: The Art of Transformation at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco provides a rare and gracefully concise glimpse into the early foundations of the yoga practice. This leads to a revealing look at how we use the practice […]

2014 SXSW Film Festival


The annual SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, represents a microcosm of the contemporary entertainment industry, and 2014 was no exception. Filmmakers, tech startups (“interactive”), musicians, and fans of each, all converged in Austin during the University of Texas’ spring break. […]

Rockstar Health & Fitness – Neon Trees


There are many factors that determine if a song makes it all the way to Number One. Not only does the song need to connect with listeners, but the timing has to be just right. Literally, all the stars have […]

Teacher Profile – Guru Jagat


One of the most notable features of the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology in Venice is the gong. It’s the only 60-inch gong in Los Angeles and the stories around it are the stuff of myth—mixed […]

Rockstar Health & Fitness – Diane Warren


Music has the power to cut through the layers of our lives and connect directly to the deepest parts of our heart and soul. It is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Music is one of my […]

Till the Cows Come Home: The Gentle Barn


If you want to know what love is, all you need to do is spent a few hours at a very special place called, The Gentle Barn. Founded in 1999 by Ellie Laks, on a half-acre property in Tarzana, The […]

Yogi Cameron – A Model Guru


I love Yogi Cameron. There, I said it. In fact, I love him so much that I deleted my favorite episodes of Law and Order SVU on my DVR so that I could fill it up with more episodes of […]

Rockstar Fitness & Health: American Authors

What was the best day of your life? I think it’s always fun to remember these moments when a familiar song takes us there. One of my favorites is the current hit single, “Best Day of My Life,” by the […]

Wanderlust Oahu – Two Day Recap

Teeki Pants & Violet Love Headbands [Photo by Amanda Michaels-Zech]

Held at the magical Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore, Wanderlust Oahu 2014 has brought together some of the most influential teachers, change makers and trendsetters to inspire consciousness and community through yoga. After two days with our feet […]

Cheering Indies at the Oscars


  In the days when studio films boast mega budgets and mega concepts, independent films are left to carry story-driven and character-driven films that don’t reek of Hollywood and excess. Yet, this year there is much to cheer about in […]

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