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Awakened Film Festival Synopsis


The mission of the Awakened World International Film Festival Retreat’s is to “express the voice of the spiritually nature movement.” To this end, the 18 inspirational films shown throughout the week include: People vs. the State of Illusion, Dying to […]

Book Review: The Gratitude Game


By Natalie Pace Waterfront Digital Press In her latest book, best-selling author, teacher of financial literacy, and number one stock picker Natalie Pace addresses how we turn intention into whole-hearted prosperous action. As she says, the most significant word in […]

Film Review: Song of the New Earth

song of the new earth

Film Review: Song of the New Earth In this unique and surprisingly cinematic feature-length documentary, sound healer and brain researcher Tom Kenyon tells the story of being asked if he will sing the song of the new earth. Thankfully, for all […]

CD Review: Doorways to the Infinite

Doorways to the infinite

Doorways to the Infinite By Sally Kempton Sounds True Since the advent of the Internet, spiritual information is prolifically available. Discerning fools-gold from precious alloy takes a level of clarity only honed by deep inner work. What really liberates us […]

The Sun and Moon of Terra Gold


The first time I spoke with Terra Gold, my immediate impression was of the kindness and warmth in her voice. This was several years ago, when one Monday evening I was greeted by a heartfelt email that she had sent […]

Support the Ability of Yoga to UPLIFT!

image (1)

UPLIFT Yoga Bash and the mission of sharing mindfulness with youth We’re all looking for ways to uplift our lives and if we’re lucky, we are introduced to the tools and practices that promote health and wellness in all areas […]

Pump Film Review

10516842_1483613831888950_5171419236314647803_n (1)

Directed by Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell Reviewed by Karen Hemry The movie Pump may provide just the motivation for me to convert my car to an electric or Flex Fuel model in the near future.  The documentary points out that, […]

Opening Night at Awareness Film Festival

Opening Night Awareness Film Festival 2014

The 10-day Awareness Film Festival  opened not with a bang but with the type of awareness befitting a longtime meditator or Zen master on Thursday, September 11. The two feature films screened that night at the beautiful Bridges Theater on […]

CD Review: Unity by Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band

Sean Johnson Unity

  Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band White Swan Records  I fell in love with kirtan late in my practice. It was within the expansive studio of the Santa Barbara Yoga Center, not long after Hurricane Katrina. Sean Johnson […]

Rockstar Health & Fitness with Laurel Berman of Black Halo

Laurel Berman

  We met on a wild adventure in India. The irony is we live a mile apart in LA, but destiny had our paths crossing nearly 10,000 miles away from home.  As we shared our life-changing journey exploring the Taj Mahal, Varanasi, […]

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