Visiting Amma: Guidelines for Receiving Hugs and Meditating

Amma How to Visit Amma Hug Sara IvanhoeIf you’ve ever wanted to go see Amma, the famous hugging saint and spiritual teacher, but you haven’t known just what to do, we have a set of instructions for you.

Arrive! In Los Angeles, Amma’s programs are held at the […]

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Adding High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Yoga 

My first introduction to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) was during track and field conditioning season in college. I incorporated the practice back into my regular training after completing college, dealing with a career-ending injury, experiencing a build up of stress from a hectic work schedule, and realizing that I had an unhealthy level of weight gain. I needed a holistic […]

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WHY Music in Schools

Music, Mindfulness, and Movement Go to School

“I learned how much power music has and that it affects so much more of the brain…it has so much power over your emotions. It makes you feel happy when you’re sad and it makes you feel energized and calm. Different music can have different outcomes. It’s […]

Abby Wills is the co-founder and program director of Shanti Generation, a media program that guides teens to bring mindfulness into life:
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Yoga on Location: Walt Disney Concert Hall

Dorian is a conscious neo soul artist.

He rocks his live neo soul at Yoga Flows throughout LA. His CDS Everyday Warrior: Acoutic – Neo Soul for your Soul! and Turn it into Gold are available on iTunes and Amazon.

IG/Twitter @DorianWarrior

Long sleeve henley and sweatpants by

Photo by David Young-Wolff:

David Young-Wolff loves to tell a story in a single frame. Never satisfied with the ordinary, he strives to creat exciting images with a unique twist. In addition to his assignments, he is currently working on two other projects. One is Coming to LA, which involves photographing people who have moved to LA from other countries. He is also shooting photos to illustrate an upcoming book, Navajo Mothers, Navajo Daughters.
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Youth Yoga Week

Start summer with Youth Yoga Week from May 16 – 20, 2016 in Los Angeles!

If you dream of yoga being offered in more schools throughout Los Angeles—connect with the nonprofit organization Youth Yoga. May marks their second annual Youth Yoga Week and since last May they’ve organized ongoing yoga programs at Abraham Lincoln High School […]

Julie Devi Hale, MFT, eRYT is a psychotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher who attends to private clients in Los Angeles as well as runs retreats regularly in her home away-from-home; the Sequoia National Forest:
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Developing the Superpower of Direct Focus

Dristi is most commonly known as the gazing point on which the eyes may focus. The word “dristi,” derives from the Sanskrit root “drstr,” which is where we get our English word “to direct.” Dristi can refer to a focal point, yet it is more than simply where we focus; […]

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Walking as Yoga Practice

With winter in the rearview mirror, it’s a breath of fresh air to get active outdoors—and walk.

The first Wednesday in April even marks the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day, kicking off a month of initiatives to encourage people to put one foot in front of the other for at least 30 minutes […]

Juliet Kaska is a Los Angeles based fitness expert, owner of JK Zen Fitness, and spokesperson for Vionic shoes:;
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The Power of Space in Healing

Yoga is a method of healing.

Beyond the postures, the breathing, meditation, visualization and manipulation of flows of energy through locks (bandha) help people transform their lives, heal injuries, and improve their relationships.

The first ingredient necessary for healing is space. When you go to a chiropractor, he or she creates more space so […]

Wah! has been making music for the yoga world for 25 years and published books on yoga and healing. Wah! teaches women’s leadership training, sound healing workshops, yoga teacher training, and performs Healing Concerts in planetariums and theaters across the country. Her next training is May 15-20 at Omega Institute.
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Meditating with The Radiance Sutras

One of the genius insights of yoga and meditation traditions is that we can pay attention to the flow of life through our bodies. We have the power to be intentionally self-aware at any time, in any place, in any way. Pranayama, asana, and meditation are practices designed to […]

Dr. Lorin Roche began practicing with the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra in 1968 as part of scientific research on the physiology of meditation. He has a PhD from the University of California at Irvine, where his research focused on the language meditators generate to describe their inner experiences. He is the author of The Radiance Sutras and Meditation Made Easy. With his wife, Camille Maurine, he wrote Meditation Secrets for Women. A teacher of meditation for 46 years, Lorin’s approach centers on how to customize the practices to suit one’s individual nature. Lorin’s Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training begins in April, a 200 hour certification program registered with Yoga Alliance: Lorin and Camille will be at Esalen with Margot Anand and Shauna Shapiro for Beyond Tantra: Science Spirit and Sexuality, March 20-25.
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Lessons for Living Life

Reflections from Near Death Experiences

There are moments when we catch a glimpse of something beyond our everyday existence and have a visceral experience of knowing we are not alone. There is a growing body of literature attempting to describe what often defies language, particularly by people sharing their stories of seeing […]

Felicia Tomasko has spent more of her life practicing Yoga and Ayurveda than not. She first became introduced to the teachings through the writings of the Transcendentalists, through meditation, and using asana to cross-train for her practice of cross-country running. Between beginning her commitment to Yoga and Ayurveda and today, she earned degrees in environmental biology and anthropology and nursing, and certifications in the practice and teaching of yoga, yoga therapy, and Ayurveda while working in fields including cognitive neuroscience and plant biochemistry. Her commitment to writing is at least as long as her commitment to yoga. Working on everything related to the written word from newspapers to magazines to websites to books, Felicia has been writing and editing professionally since college. In order to feel like a teenager again, Felicia has pulled out her running shoes for regular interval sessions throughout Southern California. Since the very first issue of LA YOGA, Felicia has been part of the team and the growth and development of the Bliss Network.
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