Healing the trauma of modern-day slavery

Yoga Therapy: Healing the trauma of modern-day slavery
For D’Lita Miller, her yoga practice helped cope with years of pent-up anger and aggression.  In this case, Miller’s emotional backlog is because she […]

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Supporting Yoga Practice Through Pilates Mat Work

Pilates: Supporting yoga practice through Pilates mat work
Much like yoga, Pilates is a practice that over the course of years of study can help you connect on a deeper levels to […]

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Meditation: Love the Journey

Meditation Practice: Love the Journey
When we go for a run, we are on a special type of journey where the aim is not necessarily to get somewhere. The journey itself […]

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Grace and Grit

One Yogini’s story of combining CrossFit and Yoga
Koundinyasana and Kettlebells. Bakasana and Burpees. Downward Dog and Deadlifts. These are a few of my favorite things. I discovered blissful balance in […]

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The Embraceable Universe

The Embraceable Universe: Meditation with the Radiance Sutras

When the dog jumps up on your map, how do you hold her? What about when the cat glides onto your […]

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Teaching Yoga One on One DVD

Teaching Yoga One on One DVD with Julie Carmen
Years ago, a friend invited me to take a yoga class with Julie Carmen at Exhale in Venice since we were both […]

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SYTAR – Call for Proposal

International Association of Yoga Therapists Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research
Some of the most engaging sessions at the International Association of Yoga Therapist’s annual Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research […]

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Pilates for Snowboarders

The freedom, peace, and energy that I experience in my body through Pilates, I also find in mountain vistas. While shaping, controlling, and physically training my mind has allowed me […]

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Practicing Intimacy with Partner Yoga

Intimacy. This is the path and practice that can be the most uncertain. It is a path of risk and reward. A path of walking into the unknown. It is […]

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Finding Self Love Through Our Yoga Practice

Location: Within

Heroes and Villains.
Ingénues and Femme Fatales.
Black and White.
These are the sweeping archetypes painted by many classic Hollywood films. From Spaghetti Westerns, where valiant, platinum-clad cowboys face snarling, menacing nemeses […]

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