5 Steps to Uplift Your Mood with Gratitude

Appreciate Everyday Moments
By Michelle Chua

While we dedicate a holiday to the practice of giving thanks, stopping to appreciate what is in front of us every day has a powerful impact […]

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Downward Face

Use restorative facial yoga to release stress and tension and restore your youthful glow.
by John Sahakian C.Ht. ERYT

photo by David Young-Wolff

Whether we smile or frown, laugh or scowl, approach our […]

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Radha Yoga Los Angeles

Radha Yoga hosts yoga classes for all levels of student in South Los Angeles.
Los Angeles has earned the reputation of being the mecca of all that is yoga, with luxurious […]

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Pilates for Digestion

How using Pilates exercises may aid in better digestion.
by Kristin McGee


In the fall and winter we may feel a little more sluggish in the digestive system. In addition to drinking […]

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Love Yoga Venice

Montauk, New York may be thousands of miles away from Venice, California, but there’s an ethos that connects the two coastal communities—a love of sea and surf culture. Now there’s […]

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Aerial Physique moved to Los Angeles

Soaring Above the Ordinary
If there is one thing Angelenos are always in hot pursuit of, it’s a creative workout. For those who may have tired from endless crunches and arm […]

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Quest for the Inner Elixir

We all experience life’s sweet moments. These are so magical that you feel suffused with vitality and gratitude, slightly high.
These flashes may come after working hard pursuing your passion […]

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How Cancer Patients Are Discovering Their Serenity in Pasadena

Farzaneh Noori teaches Therapeutic Yoga for Cancer
Yoga teacher, Yoga House Pasadena co-founder and co-owner Farzaneh Noori thought the following when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, “I was […]

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My go-to props for home yoga practice

Support props for home yoga practice can be make-shift household items or store-bought props.
by Linda Sparrowe

Almost anything can support your yoga practice, from the make-shift—tables, walls, doorknobs, kitchen counters, […]

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Desire for Mischief

Using desire as an awareness tool for action.
by Lorin Roche PhD

It’s eight in the morning, and suddenly the desire for a beer pops into my consciousness. Wait, what? An image […]

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