Developing the Superpower of Direct Focus
Dristi is most commonly known as the gazing point on which the eyes may focus. The word “dristi,” derives from the Sanskrit root “drstr,” which […]

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Walking as Yoga Practice

With winter in the rearview mirror, it’s a breath of fresh air to get active outdoors—and walk.
The first Wednesday in April even marks the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day, […]

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The Power of Space in Healing

Yoga is a method of healing.
Beyond the postures, the breathing, meditation, visualization and manipulation of flows of energy through locks (bandha) help people transform their lives, heal injuries, and improve […]

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Meditating with The Radiance Sutras
One of the genius insights of yoga and meditation traditions is that we can pay attention to the flow of life through our bodies. We have […]

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Lessons for Living Life

Reflections from Near Death Experiences
There are moments when we catch a glimpse of something beyond our everyday existence and have a visceral experience of knowing we are not alone. There […]

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Focus on 5 Pilates Exercises for Core Strength

Everyday Pilates

When you hear the word Pilates, do you casually dismiss it with the underlying assumption that the practice is complicated and requires flexibility? This preconceived notion could not […]

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The Universe is Beautiful

Meditating with The Radiance Sutras
Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you just wanted to fall down?

That puppy was so cute I had to kneel down and grab […]

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From Hospitalization to Hope

Therapeutic yoga connects us with a deeper experience.

It was 1985 when I resumed yoga from the Intensive Care Unit of a Scottish hospital. I was 49 years old, 25 years […]

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The Road to Recovery

Yoga for runners (or Run, Rest, Recover, Repeat)
If you are running the LA Marathon this month, first of all, Congrats! What a way to spend Valentine’s Day. After the race, […]

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The YOGA of Weight Training

Breathe with weights
Photos by Jeff Skeirik

“Is only yoga doing it for me?” After a decade of dedicated yoga practice, I asked myself that question. In early 2015, I hit […]

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