How Cancer Patients Are Discovering Their Serenity in Pasadena

Farzaneh Noori teaches Therapeutic Yoga for Cancer
Yoga teacher, Yoga House Pasadena co-founder and co-owner Farzaneh Noori thought the following when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, “I was […]

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My go-to props for home yoga practice

Support props for home yoga practice can be make-shift household items or store-bought props.
by Linda Sparrowe

Almost anything can support your yoga practice, from the make-shift—tables, walls, doorknobs, kitchen counters, […]

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Desire for Mischief

Using desire as an awareness tool for action.
by Lorin Roche PhD

It’s eight in the morning, and suddenly the desire for a beer pops into my consciousness. Wait, what? An image […]

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Cave Optional

By Dean Sluyter

Once upon a time in a long-ago decade, before doctors were recommending meditation to control blood pressure and insomnia, before football teams and tech companies were using it […]

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Cross Training with Pulleys and Purpose

Gyrotonic Expansion System® enhances body intelligence.
by Rosemary (Rosey) Jeanne Carnes Mestler

Photos by David Young-Wolff 

Practicing Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® have decompressed my joints and given me a deep core connectivity, providing me […]

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The One Tool Your Child Needs for School

Reasons why Ujjayi, a breathing exercise, should be used in the classroom.
So, your kids are all ready for the new school year.


Backpack? Check!


Pencils and erasers? Check!


Notebooks? Check!






You don’t mean you […]

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Pilates Desk Exercises for Work

3 Pilates Desk Exercises to Balance an Office-Bound Body
If you’re feeling bound up at the end of a workday, it may be more than simply stress or the barrage of […]

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Yoga for Musicians

Yoga health benefits are universal– pranayama and asana for musicians
Music is one of the purest forms of human communication. Musicians are the ambassadors and delivery boys and girls of the […]

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Asana on the Ocean

Find a New Perspective with Stand up Paddleboard Yoga
Practicing yoga on a stand up paddleboard perched on the water offers an amazing opportunity to float on clear blue waters and […]

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What Do You Love?

Merge with the essence of life through meditation.

I love sex. I love food. I love sleeping. I love music. I love dancing. I love parties. I love dreaming, chocolate, movies, […]

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