Poses to Relieve Shoulder Pain, Stress and Reduce Tension

  Yoga is effective for reducing shoulder pain, reducing stress, boosting immunity, improving circulation and mental focus, and increasing vitality. I know this to be true.   A long time ago (2004) in a far-away land (New York City) I had a vision that teaching yoga would be a quiet, peaceful, and tranquil career in [...]

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Reflections on Teaching Mindfulness in Recovery

I am always filled with anticipation and curiosity when I walk into the workshop room. On this particular foggy morning (there is often morning fog in the central coast town of Pismo Beach), there are seven people in recovery ranging in age from 19 to roughly 55. There’s a jovial friendliness between the men and [...]

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Open Doors: Luminous Soul Tribe

  You’ll find Luminous Soul Tribe — Orange County’s newest boutique yoga studio — hidden behind an unassuming storefront in a small repurposed space in Costa Mesa. Owner Aris Seaberg was drawn to the area for its eclectic vibe and the abundance of local small businesses and artists.   About Luminous Soul Tribe Aris began [...]

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Sri Prem Baba on Cultivating Silence on the Path to Purpose

  Sri Prem Baba is a man on a mission leading a movement to awaken love and inspire people to experience a new way of living life.   The new way that he suggests is one based on our ability to experience greater self-knowledge rather than continually chasing material rewards. Through this, we can live [...]

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Yoga Therapy for Mental Health Clinical Practicum: Why it Matters

Yoga Therapy RX for Mental Health Clinical Program Director Julie Carmen Hoffman         The Benefits of Yoga Therapy People practicing yoga therapy work with all aspects of health and wellness, from the physical, to the mental, emotional, and even spiritual. Adequate training and mentorship is important for yoga therapists to [...]

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Walk this Way: An at-home workout to tone your walking muscles

  We’ve all had those moments when we spend too much time sitting and not enough time moving or on our feet. Cross-training for peak performance takes focus detail but it can also be fun and easy with this pilates workout!   Walking with strength and a spring in our step requires some attention to [...]

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Yogic Tips for Handling Depression

  Depression comes to all of us to some degree. It can be debilitating or subtle, and it shows up in a number of different ways including fatigue, anxiety, anger, or even becoming frozen in our lives. It wastes much of the precious time that we have been allotted here on Earth. After all, it [...]

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The Importance of Community in Recovery from Addiction

Photo of Tommy Rosen and Recovery 2.0 Community by DJ Pierce   How we create our community, choose our circles, and cultivate our connections impacts our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This is particularly true for people whose lives have been affected by addiction. An addiction can impact all levels of our being: [...]

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SUP Yoga for Everybody: A Guide to All Levels of Practice

  Photo of Sarah Tiefenthaler wearing Reebok on a Boga board by David Young-Wolff     If you haven’t tried it yet, it may be on your wish list: practicing yoga on a paddleboard floating in the water. Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga (commonly referred to as SUP Yoga) is a growing practice on [...]

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Tone It Up Beach Workout with Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott

  Tone it Up Founders Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott bring their workout to the beach Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott met the way many fitness-minded BFFs do—while working out. The duo have spearheaded an inspiring community of people looking for workout role models to remind them that fitness is fun, something that [...]

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