Yoga for the Warrior Heart: Archery Inspired Yoga

Archery Inspired Yoga: Connecting to the Heart Looking for a way to soften your heart and ignite your warrior’s courage? This archery inspired yoga sequence will help you get there. Practicing Beyond Your Comfort Zone If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve heard of Terranea, the coastal resort considered the gem of Palos Verdes. Terranea [...]

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Practice: How to Effectively Do Affirmations

  “Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith, and intuition are like highly explosive vibration bombs, which, when set off, shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired.”— Paramahansa Yogananda The Power of Your Words Understanding that we are all powerful creators is one of the fundamental principles of Yogananda’s teachings. The True Self [...]

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Flourish Meditation Teacher Training

  Kimberly Revereza Choosing Teacher Training Choosing the right teacher training for you can be challenging. You might feel overwhelmed sifting through reviews. While you’re considering teacher training, ask yourself some of the following questions. “What type of practice resonates with me?” “Is this what I’d like to strengthen and share with future [...]

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4 Steps To Get Rid of Anxiety

What to Know about Stress to Get Rid of Anxiety There are two kinds of stress: eustress and distress. Eustress is the “good” stress. Someone may experience this when they are about to get married, before going on stage to perform or riding a roller coaster. Some of you may even feel eustress from watching [...]

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How to Find Trauma-Informed Yoga Classes and Teachers

How do I find a trauma-informed yoga class/instructor? Cues for Trauma-Informed Yoga “Know that the choices that you make with your body are absolutely celebrated in this space.” “You are always in control of your practice.” “You are your greatest teacher.” “I invite you to send yourself gratitude just for arriving to your mat today. [...]

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Take Your Workout on the Road

How Can You Take Your Workout on the Road? Welcome to Part II of sticking to your Eat Clean Lifestyle while on the road! In my previous article, How to Eat Clean When Traveling, I shared how to manage accessing clean food on the road. It’s easy to do with the right information. Naturally what [...]

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Rituals for the Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice: A Time of Reflection and Renewal Winter Solstice has long been a magical time of year. As the light of the Sun begins a new solar cycle, the Earth’s Aura is revived in mystical ways, awakening a presence of Spirit. During the longest and darkest nights of the year, we can honor this time by allowing ourselves [...]

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