How to Cultivate Emotional Self-Control

Gratitude and Meditation Support the Mind “Doing homework instead of watching Netflix.” Or, “Eating a salad instead of a cookie.” Or this one, “Pay attention in class and stop talking.” As a middle school student, these are some of the most common ways I hear people talk about self-control. We each have our version of [...]

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Parashakti, Cacao, and the Chocolate Factory

Parashakti and Raw Chocolatier Daniel Sklaar at Fine + Raw The Science and Spirit of Cacao with Raw Chocolatier Daniel Sklaar As a shamanic practitioner, my work is often centered on touching into the energies of Mother Earth to connect with spirit in body and mind. One of my favorite and essential earth-based [...]

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Taking Flight with Eagle Medicine

Parashakti and Eagle Medicine Winged Ones Jewelry. Photo by Vanessa Viola How Eagle Medicine Supports Vision in Shamanism As a shamanic practitioner, my work is about supporting dreams and turning those dreams into reality. I work to help people release fears and blockages in order to connect them to their higher vision, offering [...]

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Sculpting Movement with the Great Mystery

Sculptor Anthony Elman explores movement and the great mysteries. It is Never Too Late: Learning and sculpting with the Great Mystery For me, learning has taken nontraditional paths. I grew up with learning disabilities that no one seemed to understand or know how to treat. This invited all kinds of critical voices that [...]

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The Ancient Art of Giving and Receiving: the Dance of Light and Kabbalah

Connecting to Kabbalah I was born in Jerusalem, and have at times struggled to connect with the spiritual tradition of my native land, including the Orthodox Judaism of my father. At times, Native American and yogic traditions have felt far more like “home” than the traditions of my bloodline. Recently, though, I’ve been exploring the [...]

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High Relationship: Connecting Cannabis and Yoga

Chioma Nwosu photographed by Jeff Skeirik/Rawtographer at Radha Yoga LA Cannabis Liberation and the Spirit of Yoga, Meditation and Journeying Cannabis is a sacred plant. In ethnobotany, the study of the relationship between plants and people, the plants and fungi we call sacred have psychoactive or psychedelic properties. Through altered states of consciousness, [...]

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Sweat as Prayer: My Urban Sweat Lodge

Joe K & Parashakti Photographed by Vanessa Viola. Parashakti Clothing by Onzie. Sweat as Prayer, on the Dance Floor, in the Sweat Lodge, in the Yoga Studio To Sweat is to pray, to make an offering of your innermost self. Sweat is holy water, prayer beads, pearls of liquid that release your past. [...]

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How Yoga Improves Mental Health

Yoga studios have steadily gained popularity in recent times and for good reason.  Research has shown that practicing yoga improves physical health and yoga improves mental health. Yoga is a moving meditation that connects the mind and body, creating a sense of integrity, peace and strength. Meditation has been scientifically proven to decrease emotional reactivity [...]

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