Yoga Practices to Increase Awareness of the 5 Senses

Desi Barlett and Natiya Guin share practices to increase awareness of the 5 senses. Yoga Connects us to the 5 Senses There are so many ways we can increase our awareness of the 5 senses and our sensuality throughout the day. These can include yoga practice, mindfulness, meditation, how we eat, and how [...]

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Yoga and Sensuality: A Discussion of the Senses

Desi Barlett Photo by Natiya Guin Yoga and Sensuality: Explore the 5 Senses with Doctor Natiya Guin Life dazzles with sensuality when we connect to our five senses. Yet when we hear the word sensuality, we often associate it with sexuality, when in fact it is so much more. Learning to nourish each [...]

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Savasana: The Importance of Resting Pose

Savasana. Sense Withdrawal. Taking the Mind Inward. It’s one of the most important poses in a yoga class and often one of the most misunderstood. The Final Resting Pose. My teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra, includes savasana in the category of the eight essential poses in yoga. Dharma is well known throughout the world for being [...]

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3 Practices to Cultivate Kindness

Paramhansa Yogananda on Practice Kindness is contagious because we are all influenced by our environment. When we witness kindness, it encourages that kind of feeling our own hearts. Here are three ways that we can cultivate more kindness in our everyday lives. “Shoot people with the buckshot of your smiles,” as Paramhansa Yogananda said. Be the first to [...]

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Kai Karrel on the Shamanic Journey of Dance

Liberation and the Shamanic Journey are Processes of Learning We are always being invited to shed unwanted habits and patterns. And to be empowered to identify our highest purpose and then to experience the freedom to pursue it. Liberation is, however, no easy task. It is not so much a state of being as a [...]

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Russell Brand on Recovery

At  the Conscious Life Expo on Saturday, February 8, join Russell Brand on Recovery for Recovery Live. Learn more and buy tickets. What advice would you give to someone on the path of recovery? Keep it in the day. Don't drink or use drugs. Nothing material or external is ever going to fulfill you. The [...]

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How to Build Community in Yoga Class 

Sarah Ezrin and Students. Photo by Andy Blake. Yoga Teachers Can Build Community in the Studio We are in a time of great divide. How we act right now can either bring us closer together or send us further apart. It is easy to dig our heels into our respective corners and opinions, [...]

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