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Outdoor Yoga in Los Angeles

Rooftop yoga

During the final dog days of summer before Labor Day, you may be revisiting your to-do list of unique summer activities; have you given yourself the opportunity to experience as much outdoor yoga as you were planning to practice? There’s […]

Rockstar Health & Fitness: Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy is back on top of the charts! It seems like their #1 hits “Sugar, We’re Going Down” and “Dance, Dance” were just in heavy rotation on the radio. After worldwide success and being chased by the relentless paparazzi, the […]

Ayurvedic Suggestions for New Mothers

Ayurveda for Mothers

A mother-centered approach to balancing health and well-being In Ayurveda, the journey of becoming a mother is acknowledged as a great transition. As in any transition, vata dosha, the energy of air and ether, is elevated after childbirth. Transition involves […]

The Yoga of Slacklining

Slacklining 1

In the realm of extreme sports, slacklining is steadily rising to the top as a dynamic training method for an assortment of athletes and adventurers worldwide. What began as a pastime for rock climbers waiting for the weather to improve […]

Conversations with Yoga Therapists


Conversations with Yoga Therapists Ask the Expert We recently caught up with Dr. Vasant Lad, the eminent Ayurvedic physician, author, and professor, and asked him to share his knowledge and thoughts on good health, Yoga therapy, and what qualities he […]

Cherry Vanilla Almond Smoothie


Good Nutrition is one of the most important steps for recovery after a race or training session. In LA YOGA’s MarchYogi Food feature, we asked some noted athletes and food experts to share their favorite smoothie and shake recipes. Brendan Braizer […]

Chocolate Honey Salt Scrub ~ Bath Recipe

Chocolate Scrub 2

Chocolate Honey Salt Scrub ~ bath recipe Raw chocolate is a nourishing ingredient for beauty treatments. Use this Chocolate Honey Salt Scrub once or twice a week for glowing skin. The chocolate scrub allows the powerful Vitamin C and skin-building […]

Sitting Down with Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda 1

Staying Active, Staying Fit Millions have been introduced to home fitness as a result of Jane Fonda’s popular workout videos back in the 80’s — the first-ever home exercise videos. With more than 17 million sold, initially on VHS, her […]

Strengthen your Immune System

Garden Herbs

Five practices for greater vitality As we enter the cold and flu season, it is necessary for us to take steps to boost our immunity. What do we do if we come down with a runny nose, body aches, sore […]

Green Immune Soup

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 12.00.07 PM

In order for us to maintain a healthy immune system, we must be aware of foods that enhance and boost our immune system. A strong immune system is the guardian angel of the body; it keeps a person healthy and […]

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