Party in Your Mouth

Bringing together health, food, and fun with Charles Chen

LA YOGA: You describe your events as being a “Party in Your Mouth.” Where did this idea come from?

Charles Chen: An audience member once described my food as being a “Party in Your Mouth” because she was blown away by the flavors; she couldn’t believe that it […]

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Rest and Relax to Counteract Adrenal Fatigue

Why so many yogis have problems with their adrenals and what to do about it.

Healthy, relaxed, peaceful, flexible, a layer of core strength and a generous dollop of surrender. These are some of the qualities that may come to mind when we think of yoga. Advertisements for yoga studios and […]

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The Magic of Maca

Looking for a brew that delivers?

We love a steaming mug of filled with a hot drink—comforting and complex in flavor. Coffee (served in the billions of cups), black or green tea, chocolate, or herbal infusions are common choices. Every day there is a new news report about the health benefits—or drawbacks of coffee […]

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Elixir of Immortality

Sip on this potent herbal tea daily for anti-aging and increased vitality.

By Rehmannia Dean Thomas

Ancient Chinese history is replete with tales of wise elders (men and women) who lived as recluses in the high forests of China’s five sacred mountain ranges. Legend states they attained immortality by taking elixirs of special herbs. Scroll paintings depict […]

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Summer Festivals 2015

LA Yoga features yoga, meditation, and social summer festivals 2015 across the West.

Telluride Yoga Festival

July 9-12. Telluride, Colorado

This magical gathering features more than 40 teachers with yoga, meditation, music, hiking, dining, social events in eclectic and historic venues with stunning views of the majestic mountains surrounding the Telluride area. Tias Little, Monica, Mesa, Peter Sterios, […]

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Aromatherapy and Yoga

Essential OilsAn introduction to safe use of essential oils for yoga practice.

The penetrating aroma of essential oils has a powerful effect on our physiology and emotions, impacting every cell of our being.
There are many ways to use aromatherapy for self-healing. By using specific essential oils in combination […]

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A party with a purpose

The Dalai Lama Celebrates his 80th Birthday with a Call for Compassion

When he first became a student, Tenzin Gyatso, most commonly known as His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, admits that he was a reluctant one. This admission may be surprising to most of us—to hear that a person with a sincere interest in the […]

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Mindful Eating

Cultivating Balance through Mindful Eating

One component of cultivating balance in our lives is by how we pay attention to our nutritional balance—and this can be achieved by practicing Mindful Eating. Mindful Eating includes choosing our food wisely, eating slowly, being present and focused at each meal, and concentrating on the five senses as we enjoy […]

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Cancer Support Community, Los Angeles

Cancer Support Community, Los Angeles celebrates the Benjamin Center Awards Leaders

At their annual Gilda Award Gala, the innovative Cancer Support Community (CSC) Benjamin Center honored Kimberly Fowler and Sherri Rosen from YAS Fitness Center as well as psychosocial cancer researcher Dr. Mitch Golant and comedian, writer, and cancer survivor Tig Notaro.

The nonprofit CSC Benjamin Center’s Executive […]

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Corazon Healing Arts

Corazon Healing Arts CenterCorazon Healing Arts wellness center opens its doors in Beverly Hills, California.

Corazon Healing Arts is an intimate wellness center founded by Dana Schwartz and David Watts, who are partners in both their professional and married lives. They say, “Our commitment in marriage to each […]

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