Dreaming in Sanskrit Music Review

Music Review: Dreaming in Sanskrit
by Marti Nikko and DJ Drez (Black Swan Records)
The first time I heard Marti Nikko sing, I was in savasana; Micheline Berry was teaching, DJ Drez (Nikko’s […]

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Blockheads and Barbarians

Placing your mat in class, the teacher gives you a spiteful look. You don’t know it, but her ex-husband, to whom she is paying alimony, was walking out the door […]

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Sitting Down with Sonia Nelson

Chanting, yoga therapy, and must-have qualities for a yoga therapist

A teacher of Yoga and Vedic Chant for over twenty-five years, Sonia Nelson has been a student of T.K.V. Desikachar since […]

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The Cosmic Playground

Yoga As Your Box of Toys

Come on kids!

Let’s meditate on the outward appearance of the body (rupa) and give ourselves the power of invisibility. (Yoga Sutras 3.21) We can be […]

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The Marriage of Passion and Peace

A meditation on lust, anger, bewilderment, and intoxication

From The Radiance Sutras, a new version of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

By Dr. Lorin Roche

She drives you wild, out of your mind. You […]

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Nourishing Breath of Creation

A meditation on the rhythm of breathing
inspired by The Radiance Sutras, a new translation of the vijnana bhairava tantra

bharita: nourished, full, filled with

Beloved, show us how incarnate beings can […]

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Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Meditation by Dr. Lorin Roche

A meditation on satisfaction and dissatisfaction inspired by The Radiance Sutras, a new translation of the vijnana bhairava tantra
Tripti-yoga – “satisfaction” – (Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, p […]

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Ayurveda Q & A

Ayurveda has been practiced in the US for only about 30 years, yet it is one of the systems of medicine native to India and is thousands of years old. […]

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