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Betsy Chasse Reflects on her Nightstand Reading

My nightstand is a sacred place to me.  It hold my favorite picture of my kids (Max and Elora), my favorite scented candle (jasmine), the perfect reading lamp, and of course a pile of books.  My nightstand is often the last thing I see at night as well as the first image I see upon awakening, so whatever is there must bring a smile to my face or send me off to sleep with inspiration for evocative dreams.  I currently have six books stacked there, some of which I have either already read and loved, while other are on my to-do list!

Betsy Chasse Book ReviewsPaulo Coelho, Adultery

My expectations with Paolo are really high; I mean, he did right The Alchemist Adultery is a modern tale of a woman in search of meaning in her life, she’s a mother, a wife, a journalist, seemingly has it all, but something is missing (sounds familiar …) and boy does she go looking for it!  But all the time spent listening to this woman yammer on about her unhappiness, I would have preferred more time spent on the juicy bits.

Vera Stanly Alder, The Fifth Dimension

This is one of the first books I read before I made What the Bleep Do We Know?  The Fifth Dimension is currently out of print … but can be found around on the web.  Read any of her books, and you’ll be blown away.  I love reading books written long before my time; it reminds me that so much that what we call the New Age isn’t so new after all.

Jack Kerouac, Good Blonde and & Others

I am madly in love with both Kerouac and Bukowski.  (I’m suddenly wondering where my Bukowski book is!)  I firmly believe that if I were alive when these men were, I would have definitely been one of their lovers.  It may be a fantasy, but hey a girl can dream.  I sometimes imagine a wild poem or story about our crazy nights together.

Chris Grosso, The Indie Spiritualist

The Indie Spiritualist  is simply brilliant.  I love his honesty, his gritty style, and his simply stated wisdom.  He’s the real deal that is a new and important voice for our times.

Victor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

I have heard a lot about this book and have been searching for something to speak to my heart more than my mind.  So often we get caught up in how things work. Why things are and the manic quest for happiness, I’ve begun to wonder, “Where is the meaning in my life?”  I’ve been told this is the book to read.  I’ll keep you posted!

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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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