About Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly Snyder is a multi-time New York Times bestselling author, spiritual and meditation teacher, nutritionist and holistic wellness expert. She has authored 6 books, including Radical Beauty, which she co-authored with Deepak Chopra. Her highly anticipated 6th book, You Are More Than You Think You Are: Practical Enlightenment for Everyday Life, (Hay House) published on January 25th, 2022.

She is also the founder of Solluna®, a holistic lifestyle brand, Practical Enlightenment Meditation,™ Solluna Circle and the host of her top-rated Feel Good Podcast.  She has worked with dozens of top celebrities to feel their best, including Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon and Channing Tatum, and has been featured by numerous national media outlets, including Good Morning America, The Today Show, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Kimberly resides in Los Angeles and Hawaii with her husband and her sons.

Kimberly Snyder Author Photo by Kevin Estrada

How to Expand Your Vitality: 6 Essential Tools

What Exactly is Vitality? And How Can You Expand Your Vitality? Vitality is derived from the word vita, which means life. From a yogic standpoint, when we are full of vitality, we are full of life force, or prana. This means that there is strong ojas, which translates as “essence of vitality.” In our everyday expression, [...]

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Practice: How to Effectively Do Affirmations

  “Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith, and intuition are like highly explosive vibration bombs, which, when set off, shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired.”— Paramahansa Yogananda The Power of Your Words Understanding that we are all powerful creators is one of the fundamental principles of Yogananda’s teachings. The True Self [...]

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4 Key Ways to Avoid Burnout

What Does Burnout Really Mean? And How Do We Avoid Burnout? As we head towards the close of the year, you may notice that you’re feeling more frazzled than usual. Perhaps your energy isn’t exactly where you want it to be, or that you’re feeling more impatient, worn out, stressed out, frustrated…or maybe all of [...]

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5 Rituals For Finding Self-Acceptance

Walking the Lifelong Path of Finding Self-Acceptance When I was a little girl, I remember the feeling of unfairness rising up in me often. It didn’t feel fair that my last name started with an S, which was towards the back of the alphabet, so I had to be called in attendance as one of [...]

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Curing Self-Judgment

Recognizing and Addressing Self-Judgment Have you ever noticed how much judgment infiltrates conversations and the world around us? Instead of simply observing what we see in front of us, we often feel compelled to cast an opinion and verdict over it. Here are some examples: Wow, that dress is really not very flattering on her. [...]

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Family Friendly Power Food

Nutritious Family Meals Made Easy When we’re jugging multiple responsibilities, caring for ourselves and our families, negotiating work, trying to fit our yoga practice in, and any number of other obligations, we need our food to have enough power to fuel us effectively. Fortunately, even fun and easy food can be nourishing and support our [...]

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