Yo-Box Combines Yoga, Boxing, and Dancing for a Mindful and Explosive Workout

Yo-Box Combines Endurance and Mindfulness in Each Session Hey, have you ever thought of combining workouts like boxing, dancing, and yoga? Well, I have! Yo-Box® is the result of 20 years of my personal practice as well as my work as an instructor in a variety of mind-body modalities. At its physical roots, Yo-Box® is [...]

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KINRGY by Julianne Hough Inspires Self-Expression

Julianne Hough and KINRGY Guides New Fitness/Dance Crossover KINRGY is on the Move KINRGY Founder Julianne Hough is an acclaimed, award-winning, world champion dancer who knows a thing or two about choreography. She’s been awarded a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography (Dancing with the Stars) and has been nominated for many more. [...]

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Heart Healthy HIIT Workout

Photo of Lauren Williams by Justin Steele Step up Cardio to Improve Physical Performance Cardio isn’t just for the endorphins. (Although who doesn’t love a little endorphin rush?) And it’s not just calorie burning. (Although it’s important to stay on top of that too.) Cardiovascular exercise is also vital for a healthy heart. [...]

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YogaSlackers and Slacklining

YogaSlackers I took a lesson from YogaSlackers at Wanderlust Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe several years ago. YogaSlackers is a group of roving slackliners who live the outdoor adventure life. They also teach yoga poses on slacklines. Co-founded by Jason Magness and Sam Salwei in 2005, YogaSlackers has a roster of 138 teachers who have [...]

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Slacklining as a Moving Meditation

Walk the Line: Slacklining If you’ve ever thought about running off to join the circus to enjoy the thrill of walking a tightrope like a Wallenda, you might be intrigued by the outdoor sport of slacklining. It is a challenging practice accessible to beginners that offers a method for connecting mental focus, breath, and embodied practice. [...]

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Behind the Scenes with the Soccer Team LA Galaxy

  Photo by Jeff Skeirik Soccer is called, “The Beautiful Game.” The origin of the term is disputed, but when the legendary Brazilian soccer player, Pelé, titled his autobiography, My Life and the Beautiful Game, the phrase became a ubiquitous description for soccer. Part of what makes soccer beautiful is the certain kind [...]

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Iceman Wim Hof is Living his Dharma

This maverick yogi is teaching the world to breathe - one ice bath at a time. During what feels like the height of the American popularity of hot yoga, Iceman Wim Hof is an ambassador of the Cold. Before you think this is just the next trend, Wim Hof is a modern master with a compelling [...]

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